Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where Were You When I Needed You

In what could be a new series in which we blame other 'Spillers for not alerting us to good music, I point my fingers at Snadfrod and Shoey, and any other Band Of Horses enthusiasts for not exposing me to this song.

Detlef Schrempf

Of course I'm sure someone will point me to an earlier 'Spill post, one I possibly commented on, featuring this song...


tincanman said...

I met Detlef Schrempf once. Not a pleasant man, although it was at the arena (Seattle) so maybe he had his 'game face' on.

steenbeck said...

NIce, it has a touch of prom night slow song anthem. In the best possible way.

snadfrod said...

Sorry. I messed up.

I mean I... I kind of knew it in the back of my mind but... well... sorry ejay. Also 'No-one's gonna love you' may be even better. Maybe.

Now, my turn. Who was it that didn't tell me how good Dirty Projectors are?

saneshane said...

this wouldn't jump out at me as your kinda thing EJD... interesting.

domino records are giving away digital copies of Dirty Projectors new 7" Ascending Melody/Emblem Of The World..

tell a lie it's their own site:

domino have the vinyl for sale.

blimpy did an indie goes R+B link to:

a while back... blink and you miss these kind of things.

ejaydee said...

To be magnanimous, my fondness for this song probably has a lot to do with where and when I first heard it. It was a couple's first dance choice at a wedding I attended this summer (not so far off Steenbeck). It was a beautiful wedding (aren't they all anyway?), and it was an unexpected choice. It all made for a great moment, and probably accounts for about 50% on my song-appreciation pie-chart™.

About the dirty Projectors, like Shane said:

Shoey said...

Both albums are must haves IMNSHO, should have made this clear - my bad. The earlier band, Clarissa's Weird, were not shabby either. About time we had some new BOH tunes, though.

If any of us do miss anything, sooner or later, one of us will find it. The joy of 'Spill - all bases covered (& drums, guitar, hippy-hop & funky horns).

steenbeck said...

Is that your friends' wedding in the picture???? It looks lovely. So is that you stage right? Am I reading too much into this?

ejaydee said...

It's a different wedding Steen, but same summer, and I'm behind the camera, the chances of me making a speech or holding a microphone at any wedding are very slim.

snadfrod said...

Natch. I should have spotted it, shouldn't I? Cheers guys, I'll retrospectively give you that one and confess that you never miss a trick. I love that song. You rule.