Friday, January 8, 2010

deliveries by U-Phrates

"I'm in the mood for a nice cup of tea"

let the river in
cast a hook
riverbed pt3

black river (remix)
hold me in the river
riverbed pt6

riverbed pt7
the river
sand river

the same deep water as me
bleed a river deep
battersea bridge baptism

going down to the water

now that was really tuff... so many good tunes for this subject and only 2 tabs that can be opened at a time. (it's okay , you don't have to thank me for going through the hell of publishing this - luckily I get deep satisfaction outta making play lists any way) This year I'm donating the swear at computer tax to ... oh I don't know - Domino records probably.. and 4AD if they bother putting a download code with their vinyl... BIG HINT.

What was the subject.. oh yeah... rivers, cool. yep very freakin' cool at the moment here.. as in frozen. if Laura Veirs (track 2) hasn't got a million noms by now I'll eat my ice cap. For those who don't know she's a geologist.. or something (here's where I'd normally do a quick search to sort out my facts from my - oh I made that up myself when bored one day.. and it kept my head busy) she has many a song written that could fit.. but the rivers flowing up hill and mermen gave this the edge.

I have three versions of Black River.. this gets into Mr Lanegans vocal (I shall wait for DsDs opinion - there's a Maps remix too)

Buck 65 what do I say - a man that rhymes Communist with optimist can do no wrong.

Brakes with 'Hold me in the River' almost as much energy and warped fun as Pixies - love 'em.

Chris T-T had to be included as the whole of London is sinking story would fit as with Bucks Riverbed series....

bored of typing now.. need to say more but.. computer will crash sooon.. hope you enjoy.... this has been my favorite compilation to do for a while. aaaarrrrrrgghhhhh!


AliMunday said...

Thanks saneshane.The Laura Veirs is lovely. Reminds me for no particularly reason of 'The Forsaken Merman', by Matthew Arnold, which was one of my mum's favourite poems:

... "Sand-strewn caverns, cool and deep,
Where the winds are all asleep;
Where the spent lights quiver and gleam,
Where the salt weed sways in the stream,
Where the sea-beasts, ranged all round,
Feed in the ooze of their pasture- ground;
Where the sea-snakes coli and twine,
Dry their mail and bask in the brine;
Where great whales come sailing by ..."

There, I feel better now.

AliMunday said...

that should be coil and twine ...

steenbeck said...

Hey, Shane, I happened to hear a Laura Veirs interview in the car today, about her new album. She has another song about a river, which happened to be playing for the 5 miinutes I was in the car. I think you can hear the album here...

The river song is little DesChutes. Hope this works over there.

Do you want me to recommend any of these on RR for you? just say the word, and I'll post you a list.

Shoey said...

Was hoping there would be a Shane list - did leave some Buck & Brakes, although it was very tempting after the "Calvin Party" incident. Hope the move went well & sorry to hear that compooter troubles continue - but if you will live in the country.....

Japanther said...

it seems ages since i've been able to sit down and enjoy a shane playlist......this was great shane and largely unknown to me. The Buck 65 tracks were ace and Laura Veirs and I Am Kloot and Bomb The Bass (if that really was them!!) all floated my boat. Cheers!

saneshane said...

great poem Alim, that then made me go and read 'the Snail and the whale' to my son.. and that is always a joy.

haven't had time to listen (Ms.sane is ill - the day before her birthday as well - it's a gigantic blag to make me do everything, obviously - but the puking was pretty good acting)

anyway.. from what I caught of RR wouldn't you posting me a list just push some people over the edge? all I want to see on this list is:
The Belle Stars 'the clapping song' you know the old rhyme
"and they all went to heaven in a little row boat..clap , clap" used to genius effect in that song.. but alas.. too much for me to write to even try and justify it!

saneshane said...

sporting of you. it was my mission to get Buck in right from the start of RR.. but obviously it wont be me.. sigh.

Brakes I just love.. they make me happy in a stupid grin kinda way.. and that is sometimes how rock n roll should be.

a late happy birthday by the way.. hope the booze left a few brain cells!

( the computer has little chance of reserection where ever we live.. the next problem being the cd drawer now not opening..these things are sent to try me)

yep indeed Bomb the Base (this one being Black River feat. Mark Lanegan (Patrice Bäumel Remix) I will try adding the Maps remix into DB too. is there anyone that Lanegan wont do vocals for? he does usually improve a song so I'll let him off - the tart.

steenbeck said...

I hope Ms. Sane is feeling much much better, and nobody else caught the pukies. And that all is going well in your new home.

I posted the BElle Stars video on the mothership (and enjoyed it very much myself). But I think in the current RR climate you might want to pretend you don't know me.

B=Mc2 said...

Ace playlist! Who is singing "let the river in"?

ToffeeBoy said...

@ saneshane - probably no one reading this now but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this list and how your name at the foot of a post is always a sign of quality music. Excellent stuff as always. Thank you.

saneshane said...

1 Let The River In -Radical Face
2 Cast a Hook-Laura Veirs
3 Riverbed, Pt. 3 - Buck 65
4 Black River feat. Mark Lanegan (Patrice Bäumel Remix)- Bomb The Bass
5 Hold Me In The River -Brakes

6 Riverbed, Pt. 6 - Buck 65
7 Riverbed, Pt. 7 - Buck 65
8 The River- Chris T-T
9 Sand River- Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man
10 The Same Deep Water As Me - I Am Kloot
11 Bleed A River Deep- Ed Harcourt

12 Battersea Bridge Baptism - Chris T-T
13 Amazon- M.I.A.
14 Going Down To The Water (MC Quake Mix)-The Pictish Trail
15 Water- Sugarcubes

there's the track list for those still about..

B-mac: that's Radical Face ("Radical Face is a musical act from Ben Cooper, a 24-year old Florida resident who also makes up one half of Electric President and Iron Orchestra and one third of Mother's Basement")

what a pleasing thing to say for my ego - thank you most kindly.

Mnemonic said...

Nice list, Saneshane. I bought Radical Face on the strength of your earler posting on the Ghosts list. Still love it and it came with a lot of free downloads from the website.

I think it was also my first purchase from Boomkat, and what a treat they have turned out to be.

saneshane said...

I sometimes just spin the mouse on Boomkat.. see what it ended up on and go on a voyage of discovery.

sites like that just make my head spin (in a good way)

glad Radical Face wasn't a wasted recommend.. (I really like the Electric President albums I've got too by him)