Thursday, January 21, 2010

Better Late Than ....Shoey's Album of the Month Nov & Dec 2009

Catching up with the usual listening backlog. Which of these should be declared Shoey's album of the month(s) for Nov & Dec?. Two winners this time due to my tardiness (T-Boi's Herculean pop series got done 1st - who'd have thunk it?). It's been fun (especially after opening this up for popular vote, rather than just hoisting my picks on you all), does anyone want to keep this thing going or take this "series" on for 2010?
Before Tomorrow
Four Dreams
Liars Ink
Big Brother
Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
Strung Up From the Sky
I Hear Them All


tincanman said...


oops wrong window

I mean, er, Yes please Mr Shoe

tincanman said...

(and by yes I mean by all means keep doing it, not yes I'd like to do it -cause I wouldn't really. Dunno how you manage)

debbym said...

Four Dreams, please - wouldn't normally be too bothered by little girly voices, but this has captured my attention (especially now we've just reached the jazzier phrasing) - I'd be interested to hear what else they can do...

Second choice: Before Tomorrow - rather like that old hippie vibe about it!

tincanman said...

Dave Rawlings Machine for me

saneshane said...

flashback is all LFO for me - let's steal their cashcards and see if 2562 works!

memory tapes has got to the new orderish bit and makes me feel quite nostalgic ... warm fuzzy nice. anything called bicycle is ok my me too.

meltdown - oh I know that sound!? umm will enjoy King Midas Sound later at night - I'll re-play that one -

what else is taking my fancy The Black Heart Procession will need late night re-play too.

so yep winner is Four Dreams here too.. Jesca Hoop I don't know.. bit yelpy to start with but gets over that vocal quite rapidly ..otherwise it would have annoyed me too much... smart mixing it up. fun.

great choices shoey.. keep it up.

barbryn said...

Yep, Four Dreams for me too, by a country mile. Liked I Hear Them All enough to Google who it was too. Rest of it passed by me in a good-to-listen-to-while-working kind of way (I am supposed to be working...)

steenbeck said...

Hmm, hard to decide. Isaac's clear favorite wasStrung Up From the Sky, which he deemed an "awsome" song.

My favorites were Bicycle and I Hear Them All.

I would hope that you would continue the series yourself, Shoegazer. You always come up with music I've never heard before. Or you and Shane could take turns, because he does as well.

treefrogdemon said...

Hmm..I'd say Dave Rawlings too, only I'm going to buy it myself when I get this month's fiver from Freesat (for telling them what I watch on telly). Start again...

Mnemonic said...

I was quite taken by Flashback but Pelican's Strung Up From the Sky is my favourite. Black Heart Procession are lovely, especially that plaintive bit of saw at the end.

ejaydee said...

On first listen, it's between Four Dreams and Bicycle for me.

Shoey said...

Four Dreams ahead with Strung Up & Hear fighting it out for the 2nd pick. Cool.

If we want to have a 2010 AOTM, Shane or anyone else taking part would be fun.

Japanther said...

just got round to checking i'm not allowed to say "everything", i'll pick Strung Up From The Sky and Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes as my top two!

Another vote for keeping it going, I always find a few tracks I dig from this series and usually follow up on 'em too....