Friday, January 29, 2010

Forget Me Not

Soon To Forget Ya
Forget My Heart
Fade Away
This Is The Army Of Forgotten Souls

Forgive & Forget
How Did We Forget?
Memory Lame
Blind My Mind
Wine Destroys The Memory
Bound To Forget
How We Fade


saneshane said...

I wont bother with 'at swim.. then.. but what about 'You Or Your Memory' or is there a Mountain Goats in there i'm missing?

saneshane said...

is 13 the correct # to post?

any more it seams like a scattergun approach.. but 10 is oh so traditional.

13 is also unlucky - so as someone who kicks against - it has to be used .. doesn't it?

I may be slightly pished..what the feck was I doing.

Shoegazer said...

Got to leave something for you, Shane. There that's 14 now, all better. Did you find your tunes?

Anonymous said...
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saneshane said...

I'm finding odd things I hadn't loaded in properly...

and can't send Cornflake by withered hand over from the laptop for some reason..

but if it's not an A list already:
"Another bloated disco, another sniff of romance i'll forget / We promised to ourselves before we came out we'd do something we regret" The Shy Retirer - Arab Strap
has some class forgetting lines!

Shoegazer said...

I'm still on my RR boycot. Got very annoyed when it didn't go up on time for a couple of weeks running - like someone moves your favourite TV show without asking. When it does show up, you get this feeling of déjà vu - similar theme, same faces nomming the same old tunes. Can't put my finger on what, but old rr seems a bit tired to me. Probably means it's time to take a break.

nilpferd said...

Got my neurons tickled most by Army of Forgotten Souls and Forgive & Forget. Not to mention, my toes tapped.

Shoegazer said...

Cheers Nilp - Good week for the electronic stuff.