Monday, January 18, 2010

Congratulations to an RR contributor!

Another prog band have had to replace their singer in the new year, Also Eden. Their new singer is none other than Rich Harding, sometime contributor to Readers Recommend under pseudonym of AfraidOfSunlight, the other person apart from me who continually nominated Marillion songs only to find Dorian never A-listed them:

Rich Harding has been singing live since 1985, fronting bands as diverse as The Allnight Chemists (space rock), Sane (prog) and Twisted (heavy metal). For the last few years he has also been performing with a number of successful Marillion "tribute" bands, in the UK and on the continent (Misplaced Neighbourhood, Lords of the Backstage and Skyline Drifters). His voice is very different to Huw’s - but he has power, energy and enthusiasm and we know he’s going to make a huge impact on the band’s sound this year.
I'm sure everyone on The 'Spill will offer their congratulations!


B=Mc2 said...


saneshane said...

congrats from me too!

lambretinha said...

I really don't know him, but I remember his nick, from the times before I started posting there (when I was only lurking). Congratulations, and good luck!

Shoey said...

"Singing live since 1975" - must have a sore throat or need a better press release editor. Best wishes from me, not that he'll need it as this particular genre has a close-knit, dedicated & supportive following.