Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I thought we said no big gifts this year

Here's a few covers of 80's songs I've heard the past couple weeks and thought you might enjoy. I know I did. And I'm mice that way. (The eeek shall inherit the earth, or what's left of it)

My Gold Mask - Bette Davis Eyes
Mobius Band - You Don't Know How it Feels
Clayhill - Please Please Please Let Me Get Want
Estelle - Superstition
Aztec Camera - Jump
Willie Nelson - don't give up (with boo Sinead)

Feel free to vote or something. Or spend time with your family. What do I care; I'm off to bed.


tincanman said...

My favorite is .........yikes, lecky's going agai

DarceysDad said...

Whaddya mean "boo Sinead"?

You dissing my girl, there, tin?

tincanman said...

No no DsD. Just on this song, she doesn't sparkle as much as you'd expect.
A duet of a singer who supposedly can't sing and one who supposedly has a great voice, and its the former who shines. Sinead didn't seem to be as involved in the song as Willie. 'Course it could be anyone who is not Kate Bush doing the female part is doomed to failure.

Makinavaja said...

The Clayhill is a personal favourite. As regards the Willie Nelson / Sinead one. The arrangement is so Willy that Sinead was never going to shine, was she?

ToffeeBoy said...

I posted Aztec Camera's version of Jump in one of last year's Twelve Tasks (the Aztec Camera one, surprisingly enough!) and it one down like a turd in a nun's handbag!

I love it myself but then I have an intense dislike of the original...

tincanman said...

That's probably where I got it lol. I put stuff in a 2 Hear folder and get to it when I can. Sometimes its right away, sometimes its a month (or more).

So donds for your Aztec Camera! (As you can see, my offerings appeal to masses even less than yours)