Friday, January 29, 2010

The nepotism tango

Singer Gordon Waid does what he does best

and Matt tries out his new RT t shirt

I went four hundred, five hundred,
Seven hundred, nine hundred,
Eighteen hundred miles TO FORGET ABOUT YOU!

Sorry folks - couldn't resist.

700 Miles by the In and Outlaws


Shoegazer said...

Nepotism only get's called if it's not any good. Don't see that being a problem.

treefrogdemon said...

Why, thank you, Shoey! The I&Os did get some gigs outside Texas last year (New Orleans) - I'll tell 'em if they go a bit further next time they'll find a fan.

steenbeck said...

Loved it, TFD, and Malcolm did as well. He made me play it over and over and said it's "Cool"

treefrogdemon said...

Thank you steen and Malcolm!