Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vancouver City

Some local folks just posted an amazing video with an original song about the fair city of Vancouver. Tincanman, as an ex-pat British Columbian may find this particularly interesting. Watch and enjoy!

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tincanman said...

It really does capture the beauty of the place Marconius. I remember the first time Mrs Tin came over she wasn't looking forward to my city tour much. As she explained, when you've already been to a dozen or so classic cities in Europe plus a few in the U.S., there's not much left to be impressed by.
''Boy,'' she said in one of the only times I can remember, ''was I wrong.''
In a way I'm happy the world is going to see the place in a couple weeks during the Olympics, but I'm a bit unhappy too. Its kinda like when you have a band no one else has heard of, and then everyone discovers them and forgets they were yours first.