Friday, May 30, 2008

1 Miles ‘perfect world’ pure German pop with handclaps…

2 the Real Tuesday Weld ‘I love the rain’ old time 78 samples with crackles “wash away the stink of this pain and suffering.. I love the rain”

3 / 8 Departure Lounge/ 6 Tim Keegan ‘What you have is good’ ‘be good to yourself’’ ‘on a good day’ ummm- couldn’t spilt them so fill your boots with all three and stop being so bloody miserable Shane!

4 MGMT ‘time to pretend’ drug habits, models and music- future perfect.

5 Seeed ‘Respectness’ Catch them live at a festie and see the sun shin all day. German reggae.. fun eh?

7 Pony Club ‘I still feel the same’ this is beautifully written -chinos, sing along to liteFM, people carrier! But still got the dreams, sex on the brain, still feel the same..genius.

9 I Am Kloot ‘Avenue of hope’ morbid optimism- far more me!

10 Spearmint ‘sweeping the nation’ stick to what you believe in and everything will come to you.


ejaydee said...

Haven't listened yet, but I thought you might like this:

saneshane said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRR Ed can't get a link from that..may well be me.. or the computer..but I do want to throw it out the window today.
Nothing is working the F****** artwork that I'm sure I could have done in the time I've gone ...why? Why won't it just do

FP said...

All good - right up my street. Suspect the neighbours agree tee hee. The Miles song is aweseome - Didn't George Michael sample the strings riff for 'Outside'? I worry about these things.....