Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The shape of my heart?

So, yesterday I went to the record shop and bought 7"s by Santogold and Noah and The Whale.
As ejaydee has already done a Santogold post, I've decided to concentrate on Noah and The Whale's "The Shape of My Heart".
Musically it's a bit folky, a bit faux mariachi, and quite a bit Neutral Milk Hotel, with a wee jot of Laura Marling on backing vocals. 
(We'll ignore my Laura Marling obsession for the time being, and focus on what Noah's singing about.)

In the song Noah speculates that his heart has been ripped to so many pieces that it's incapable of working any more, but he thinks maybe this is a good thing because he can't be hurt again. 
A number of years ago, a flatmate of mine and I would have the same conversation over and over; he would say that what's the point in starting a relationship if you're only ever going to get destroyed by it. I said that the ups make the downs worthwhile. I drew a graph to illustrate my point. 
The flatlining middle ground is no place to live, and my friend has unfortunately lurched from one unhappy nearly-relationship to another - as if he's looking for the heartbreak rather than the happiness. 
Noah, you're wrong, quite frankly - but i like your song anyway - even if it's not as good as "Five Years Time" which is by far and away one of the best songs I've heard in years.
Here's the video for "The Shape Of My Heart", and then after that "Five Years Time". 


TracyK said...

Just my weak-lemon-drink style of indie...Perfect for such a beautiful evening!

Blimpy said...

the last rays of todays sun passed me by as i finished off this post, but it was glorious earlier.