Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tearing at the Faerytale, and other songs.

When I reviewed Mostly Autumn's new album a few days back, someone (I think it was Blimpy) said "where can we hear the music". But as yet, the band haven't put any sound samples on their official website.

However, they have been playing several songs from the album live; and here are a couple of them.

Both of these are audience recordings from The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, last weekend. They suffer from bootleg-quality sound and some seriously dodgy camerawork, but this does give an impression of what they sound and look like live.

Tearing at the Faerytale

Flowers for Guns

The band are most of the way through their tour, but there are still a few sporadic dates up to mid-June. Next gig is The Met Theatre in Bury tomorrow (Friday) Night. The last one at Sheffield on June 13th. I'll definitely be at the first of those two, and quite likely the Sheffield one as well.

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