Saturday, May 24, 2008


so I've tried to picture the devil reading the paper ..
I have liked this subject..hope the posters of tracks ahead of me don't mind me putting them up..


steenbeck said...

good art again. Which paper does the devil read? Finally made it to the post office today!

Proudfoot said...

The Devil reads the Fortean Times and the Daily Mail. Most of his good work is in there somewhere.He/she also blogs the 'Spill but I haven't worked out which one of us he/she is yet.
Thanks for kidney bingos saneshane. Haven't had that buzz in my eardrum for a while. I met Benjamin Zeph quite recently. Didn't know he did that sort of stuff. I still find the FOW track a bit turgid, but it's growing on me. Not sure if they're a cover band par excellence or really have their own stuff to offer. What would you recommend?

saneshane said...

Well at least we know the Devils paper will be hot off the press......I'm going.. ok.

So how did you find Ben Zeph, proudfoot?
found it funny that Dorian clashed with him. The cd this is from 'Naked/Naked and mixed up' with Rodney P- I love it- Ltd edition in 06 (still being sold!!!)
He did some tracks with David Lowes dreamcatcher as well.

Kidney bingos is fantastic

Fountains of Wayne not my area at all, they get on cover mounts a fare bit...I find myself skipping them mostly..this I kind of like once it gets going but find myself dissecting it- if it was worked on more/or left rougher would be better..but found it great for the theme.