Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yeah, well, you have secrets too!

Thanks to a local bargain bin, I spent a lot of my weekend watching the first season of "Caroline In The City", a barely-remembered mid-90s sitcom. So why the post?

a) See Blimpy's Point a) below.

b) It starred Lea Thompson, and it revived the huge crush I used to have on her.

Good god, it was quite a crush. "All The Right Moves", "Back To The Future", "Some Kind Of Wonderful", loved her in everything. And of course, let's not forget her deeply disturbing starring role in "Howard The Duck" (secretly, I like the film, but the scene with them in the bed? Just how drunk was George Lucas when he agreed to executive produce it? Just how drunk am I now to be admitting to this stuff?). Anyway, here's an '80s-tastic song from the soundtrack to HtD with Lea Thompson on vocals. This was quite hard to source (cough *see sidebar poll* cough). It may be the first in a series of barely-remembered-actresses-I-used-to-have-crushes-on-that-also-sang, but only if I can find Meg Tilly singing something.

Anyone else have outstanding crushes on fondly but barely remembered people who used to/maybe still act? Bonus points for them singing, of course.

**Edit** As per bloody usual, I can't get a media player to work properly for me, despite following detailed instructions to the letter. Someday I'll actually work out how to post music here. Anyway, VLC Media Player will work, if you're desperate. I'm off to bang my head against a wall at my inability to post music, but not for too long, as there's still beer in the fridge. Á demain!



ejaydee said...

Without a doubt, the lady who played in the TV series of Weird Science. There was a shot in the opening oh my. My teenage horny self didn't miss an episode.

Catcher said...

Just checked IMDB, it was Vanessa Angel. I've never seen the TV version of Weird Science, but certainly noticed her in Spies Like Us and, of course, Kingpin. God, this could turn into such a lecherous thread!

ejaydee said...

Here are the opening credits.

Of course I'm only posting this because it's relevant to last week's RR theme...

Catcher said...

Nice save ;-)

CaroleBristol said...

I used to really rather like Caroline in the City.

If we are talking teenage crushes well, this was one of my biggest, Judy Loe, who was in a TV series called Ace of Wands. This used to run in parallel with my previously admitted crush on Robert Plant - yes, I was a confused teenager!

She is probably best known as widow of Richard "Lennie Godber" Beckinsale and mum of Kate.

Blimpy said...

Some Kind Of Wonderful is awwesome, but she's not the hottest chick in it, IMHO.

TracyK said...

My media studies kids are analysing high school films and I am using Pretty In Pink as a road in. We've analysed the opening: Andie (Molly Ringwald) putting on stockings, eye make-up, lipgloss, earrings, and we still haven't seen a whole body shot of her. Then we do. There's universal disappointment: "Miss, she looked better when I was imagining what she looked like", said one astute young man. It made me realise how tastes change. All the lads at my school fancied her and Claire Grogan.

CaroleBristol said...

How very true, Tracy.

I look back at things I used to wear etc and cringe (well not all the time, I wasn't a total '80s nightmare).

I think that people we all crushed on in the 70s seem to have stood the test of time better.

Claire Goran was iconic though and she still looks pretty good.

TracyK said...

I didn't admit to the class that I'd had a mild crush on Andrew McCarthy as Blaine: they all agreed Duckie was much better, which was cool of them!
I hate the way we are supposed to think the awful dress she makes for the prom is meant to be great: I just feel like screaming "Don't ruin Iona's vintage frock!"
Claire Grogan is still fab, true. It was her in Gregory's Girl that sent all the sensitive boys loopy!