Monday, May 19, 2008


abahachi was having bee problems last week and I always have computer sent me on a weird search.

the images here are all I have left of a graphic novel designed in about '91, all the original artwork- about 50 pages worth in an a3 folio- were handed to a promoter.
I knew them well, I just loose track easily, this I did most successfully.
I have never seen the artwork again.
Do I Care?
No- not in the slightest- I had finished it- I had quickly moved onto the next thing that I wanted to do.
My point being (relating this to musician and the piracy debate) I'm happy being able to do what the Hell I like with my art and at times I get paid for it, as long as it's exactly what I want to do.
But when I've worked for others and they want to make money out of me (and often change my ideas) then I get up and move on.

There will have to be a new supply and demand model worked out for music and other arts because you do want to make a living out of what you do, but it then just become business as the blandness of so much creative stuff that's about proves.

Me..I have fun..send people stuff..forget about it..and still enjoy creating.

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steenbeck said...

Hey, Shane, I really like the writing and the drawings--the monsters and the ribs/stripes. I like the layout, if that's the right word. And the brown/gold/orange picture is wonderful.
The playlist is good, too. Who are the artists? It's like a quiz. I think I recognize some but I'm not sure.

I was thinking about bees--about how the honey bees are dying, and there's this passage in war and peace in which a city after a war is compared to a dying bee hive
And it seems like (in America at least) we're a country at war where so much is going wrong. It almost feels like there's some connection between the natural world and the chaos that the government has created. Insomniac thoughts.

And on a much less interesting note than bees, I was thinking what a great playlist I could make from songs with "butt" or "bootie" in the title. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time with a 5-yr-old boy?) I might put one together, so watch out, 'Spill.

goneforeign said...

Shane: Really like your drawings and the theme, lovely work. Also like Izzerd but your playlist isn't happening for me, nothing plays which is odd 'cos Steen, also on a Mac just played 'em. I hope Abahachi shows up, I want to tell him how I resolved my bee issue last week.

saneshane said...

sorry goneforeign the tracks work here too on a pc so can't really help...and when Eddie gets on the rant about computers..that's me..What? it's got an 'ON' button- d'oh!

SB you have to do a butt/bootie playlist..the 3 year olds Poo-Poo obsession continues, so I gave in..last song tonight Ian Durys 'poo poo in the prawn' funky dancing and laughs all round..and a staged cough when he say fuck loudly (grandparents look after him tomorrow- poo poo bad enough for them)

Will name the tracks and why chosen in a bit, just got to sort my boring bit of work out.

saneshane said...

1 the bird and the bee (fists song released of the cd was called 'fucking boyfriend' not much daytime play for that me thinks)

2 Wilco just so people would still listen.

here comes the challenge!

3 Casiotone for the painfully alone (some of his stuff is un-listenable..but some tracks I find have to admire his sense of purpose.

4 jj72 at one point the new 'this or that(insert name)' what happens to bands like this..I quite like it but it's not life changing..was it for them?

5 Caribou (formally Manitoba) you have a growing audience tho select, then you have to change your annoying must that the other Manitoba big?

6 Scientist -a nuts rave track that was played a lot in '91 around the time I wrote the story.

7 Sugarcubes - for a couple of years at the end of the '80s I watched Pixes, Throwing Muses, Sugarcubes gigs and more around watch the shambles that was the Sugarcubes and see Bjork become so well known.. but completely on her own terms is amazing.
I still think she is unique and sometime, again you can't listen to it...but..thanks for still challenging me.

goneforeign said...

OK it's half working now. The cuts play but take forever to load, Bees just took 3 min 30 to load.
Also, it used to be that just by being here I could post or comment, now about 50% of the time I have to log in, can't comment 'til I do. Did anything change, anybody else having similar problems?

treefrogdemon said...

What I've noticed is that the little pictures identifying commenters have gone...anyone else get that?

Proudfoot said...

Awesome saneshane! If you play the Izzard at the same time as the Casio or Scientist it works a treat. My favourite Izzard sketch and, at Reading 90, my favourite Sugarcubes song.

goneforeign said...

Tfd; not only the picture, the list as well.
Is there a coup d'├ętat going on?

saneshane said...

Proudfoot, had you been at the scrumpy for a year? '89 Reading Sugarcubes Hehe! (I did have to check my memory)
Scientist (6) and Izzard is great..good call!

GF I noticed the list had gone
tfd I never had any pictures!

ejaydee said...

And no picture of Maddy either.

ejaydee said...

Well, well, well: