Friday, May 9, 2008

saneshane scientific simple song cycle

right ..Einstein wont go on the right side of Dali to drink the dali lager..
so, I think this lot had something to do with science

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the experiment goes:
get crowbar..
merge with record collection..
shove into test tube...

yeah hey
saneshane mix with trouble spelling science!


Blimpy said...

Viva Viva Voce!

(although their new side project endeavour isn't up to much)

steenbeck said...

Saneshane, I wish you could see Malcolm dancing to your list. He's got some MOVES.

saneshane said...

kids dancing is great no having to look cool..glad he's enjoying it.

(was just in the shop and there was a t-shirt "it was Malcolm Monster that did it!" thought of you and your boys)

nilpferd said...

Thanks for pointing out my double link on RR, Saneshane, I think you've done the same thing on Nr.s 10 and 11 ;-)
Love the Viva Voce, it reminds me a bit of the Leftfield remix of John Barry's Capsule in Space. CLOUDDED is also a fascinatingly strange track. Ojos de Brujo is very cool- is that all non-sampled, by the way, because some of the background vocal sounds very like Trilok Gurtu's "Beat of love" album.

saneshane said...

ah Tom mcRae has gone missing! one day I will do one of these without doubling up a track.

Ojos de Brujo is a Nitin Sawhney remix, but I don't know what has been used, that's all the info I've got.

I love the cLOUDDED
and Viva voce chilled us out in the first few months of my son not sleeping!