Saturday, May 31, 2008

Elvis is everywhere - part 2

The fact that the blog is languishing has prompted me to do my bit, after a period away from broadband, at the Brighton Festival (more posts later mebbee)

Anyhow, you may have heard about the graffiti-fest at London's Leake Street, with a grungy railway arch transformed by Banksy and frenz. The crowds early on were huge, but it's settled down now, and will be there for another 5 months.

Given the recent interest in the King, I thought you might like this take on him.

If there's any interest in the Leake Street thing, I'll happily post some more of the pieces...

Postscript: I've added my shot of the wonderful image of a Council graffiti removal worker finally dealing with a graffito that's been around a mentioned in CB's post


ejaydee said...

I saw some street art on Tate Modern, was that part of it?

glasshalfempty said...

EJD - Not sure if the Leake St thing is a (supposedly) more streetwise counterblast to the Tate's artification of writers, or just a timely coincidence. But I don't think there is any formal link between the two events.

CB said...

Thanks for the headsup on this. I googled Leake St and had a look at some images on Flickr. I loved the guy cleaning off the cave paintings and laughed at the Seagull - All your chip are belong to us. :-) Interesting stuff for an old philistine like myself.