Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TFD's racing results

Beeswing en route to her 1842 Ascot Gold Cup win at age 9

The winnaz...

1 "The odds were in my favour
I had 'em five to one"
'Up on Cripple Creek' by the Band, identified by CaroleBristol.

2 "A coal black mare with a white star chest
She crossed the line and beat the rest
I came back rich to Galway"
'The Galway Farmer' by Show of Hands. No winner.

3 "She won the Lanark Silver Bell
And that was all she had to say
She stood her stand at 16 hands
And ride her easy"
'The Angels Took My Racehorse Away' by Richard Thompson. ShivSidecar is the winner.

4 "She makes the Indy 500
Look like a Roman chariot race now"
saneshane's dad knows this is the Beach Boys - 'Fun Fun Fun'.

5 "Oh the hoot owl she hollers
And the turtle dove moans"
saneshane's dad also knows this is 'Stewball' by Peter, Paul and Mary.

6 "When I come home the house is dark
She sighs 'baby, did you make it all right?'"
steenbeck got this - it's 'Racing in the Street' by Springsteen.

7 "There were spice-stalls and monkey shows
And old wives selling ciders"
'Blaydon Races' - all the Northeasterners must be at Cannes with fp. ShivSidecar got it though.

8 "Your right-hand guy
Is nothing new"
Tatanka Yotanka knew this and CaroleBristol picked up the hint - it's 'New Favorite' by Alison Krauss.

9 "And just like that old story
About the turtle and the hare"
ShivSidecar cheated and looked this up - then dropped a hint: 'Cut Across Shorty' by Eddie Cochran.

10 "I live in fear of waking up each morning
And finding that you're gone from me"
'The Race is On' spotted by our resident Deadhead CaroleBristol. Yay!

Well done everybody!


DarceysDad said...

Cripes tfd, No.1 is familiar, but I can't even place that. Clueless on the rest!


ShivSidecar said...

In no.3, celestial beings kidnap Arkle. For some reason, they also have a thing about Elvis Costello's red shoes.

CaroleBristol said...

#1 is the Band - Up on Cripple Creek

ShivSidecar said...

(Rhythmically beats palm agaist forehead): no.7 should be known to anybody who's spent an evening carousing with Novocastrians - frogprincess, surely this means you? Clue: this is people's music, not pop music...

I cheated and looked up no.9 cos I knew it, but knew that I didn't know it either [Pardon? - Ed.]. I was right that it's 50s r'n'r (with a well-known 70s cover); wrong because my guess would've been Chuck Berry. It's not.

In the absence of any other ideas, I nominate a no.11 on a similar theme. Whose contribution to the genre, sung in a broad Chilterns accent, begins: "They say that you need nerves of steel - my baby left me at the wheel, but I just said "what the hell - I'll do it anyway!""? Clue: it's somebody who picked up a fair few nominations for Science Songs last week...

saneshane said...

I'm completely flummoxed..but to prolong my chat with my Dad (football, Grandson and music are acceptable topics) he says
4 beach boys
5 Peter, paul and mary 'screwball or stewball' or something (my dad mumbles) He then when a bit wistful.. so either mary was hot or he sung me ma some tune of theirs when courting..is any of this mildly correct or is he just pretending to know stuff as usual?

I'll disqualify myself for the outside help again!

treefrogdemon said...

CaroleBristol has no. 1, Shiv knows several, Shane's dad knows 2...very good, people: I'll add some more lines when I get home.

Tatanka Yotanka said...

Number 8 must be the one that stretches a point thematically? Is it getting any outings on the current tour with RP? I know they are doing his back catalogue but haven't been looking at any set lists.

I always assume this one encompasses geegees, but in fact it only specifically mentions dogs.

"Through grey November afternoons
Through April rains and flaming Junes
They come to wager wages
Or just waste a little time"

Warning: may contain Philip Jeays

steenbeck said...

Ahem, given my location, I felt honor-bound to figure out if there was a Springsteen reference, and 6 seemed likely so I googled it. I apologize for having cheated, but it might have driven me crazy otherwise. Racing in the Streets!!

CaroleBristol said...

Thanks to Tatanka's broad hint, I now know #8.

It is Alison Krauss New Favorite

ShivSidecar said...

Is no.4 "Little Deuce Coupe"? What the heck is a little deuce coupe?

CaroleBristol said...

As resident deadhead, I hang my head in shame.

I needed a hint!!!!!!!!!!!

#10 is The Race Is On

treefrogdemon said...

Not Little Deuce Coupe, no...it's a bigger car

treefrogdemon said...

Dammit, how could I have forgotten

11 "I put a bet on with a bookie
For a race they run over in Kentucky"

(Don't know your no.11, Shiv...)

treefrogdemon said...

Congratulations to the winners...my no. 11 is 'I'm a Dreamer' by Sandy Denny. ShivSidecar will have to tell us what his no. 11 is...Thanks all!

ShivSidecar said...

It was "Racing Cars (Jet Spotter Of The Track)" by John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett - a splendid piece of Boy's Own Paper derring-do.