Friday, May 9, 2008

the soul of science

General Science/Ish/Papa la bas, Conjure.
Science meets seance. Kip Hanrahan's latin jazz with a badly behaved ghost..perhaps more suitable for the magic theme, so I've warmed it up again.

The Witch, by 25 cents. Nice, thrashy lo-fi track by one of NZ label Flying Nun's first woman-only bands, very obscure but worth a listen.

Nu Jazz for Saturday evening...
Two tracks from the Future sounds of jazz series:
Raise the dead, by Kimbu Kimra, Atjazz remix
Voodoo Science, by Boom bip & DJ Osiris

Possessed trumpet married to hard edged funk- Sivad, by the Miles Davis group edits three fragments together- the ending of a live version of Directions, followed by a studio fragment of Honky Tonk, and then a live Honky Tonk.

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saneshane said...

what do you think about:
cLOUDDED physics of a unicycle?

coldcut cloned again

haven't got on with the rr today loads of repeating tech problems.

nilpferd said...

Funny about that track, at lunch a work colleague was talking about 4 person tandems and I made a facetious remark about there being no tandem unicycles, then on the way home this evening I came across the "physics of a unicycle" track on my MP3 player. Nice track, I still haven't really listened to You Don't Know properly, too much work.. and tonight there are 4 7yr olds around for mara's first pyjama party... they didn't arrive on a tandem though...

saneshane said...

there's too many tracks to listen to. and take in, but i liked the madness in that, and it fits this week.

I now have a great image in my head for some artwork..clown like bikes towering upwards ...

FP said...

I had this on yesterday as we were preparing for what henceforth will be known as The Party. The Chills song made me come out of ths kitchen and check who it was - great song. I enjoyed the others too.