Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glam Racket - the lyrics

You asked for it. Well you didn't but tough. 10 snippets of doggerel from the time that taste forgot. By Glam I mean the early seventies bricklayers-in-drag era, not US hair metal. So, Chinn up, don your feather boa, Alright fellas? Let's Go-oooo!

1. You've got the kind of a mind of a juvenile Romeo /And you're so blind you could find that your motor ain't ready to go

2. Get a kick from her forties trip boots

3. The wild winds blow /upon your frozen cheeks/ The way you flip your hip it always makes me weak

4. I feel the rain and cold/My clothes have all been sold/ And all my shouts for help/ Just seem to go unheard

5. Our voices change at a rapid pace/ I could start a song a tenor and then end as bass

6. You've got me on the line, woman you got me/ keep getting shocks from your spine

7. She took me completely by suprise with her ultrasonic eyes/
Flashing like hysterical danger signs

8. And she’s stoned like a flash in the night

9. Tom cat you know where it's at/ Come on let's go to my flat/ lay down and groove on the mat

10. Well she may be flashin' like a neon sign / But you can't touch her 'cause she's mine all mine


saneshane said...

5 Sparks 'amateur Hour' and umm that's it!

ejaydee said...

Isn't the first one David Bowie?

CaroleBristol said...

1 is Suzi Quattro "48 Crash"

2 is Slade "Goodbye to Jane"

7 is The Sweet "Hellraiser"

ToffeeBoy said...

ToffeeGirl thinks that 9 might be Alvin Stardust's Kooka Choo. Even if it isn't, it's an excellent earwom! I claim no knowledge of any of this.

ShivSidecar said...

3 is "Jeepster" by T.Rex, and I'm not ashamed...

Almost all these lyrics read as though they could have been penned by Nalob Cram (as Steve Peregrine Took used to refer to him...)

saneshane said...

8 could be 'Woman dressed in black' or something I wouldn't know who by.
(my teenage mates covered this in a goth stylee..if its the song I'm thinking of..truely a touch of genius..they dropped the lights and put torches under their chins for that line...I am nearly pissing myself remembering it!)

Proudfoot said...

saneshane I would pay good money to see that. Log Legged Woman Dressed in Black by Mungo Jerry. Carolebristol your spelling is far too gud for a Slade song. All answers right except there's no Bowie. That would be far too cool. Just 4, 6 and 10 then.
There's a 'Red' Indian connection (with glam there usually is), link to AC/DC and more feline trouble.

ShivSidecar said...

On the basis of your clues, proudfoot I'd've expected 4 to be "Wigwam Bam"... but that would make 2 Sweeties, which is plainly Not On. Then I got it: "Standing In The Road" by Brum twins Blackfoot Sue.

If your clues are good, 10 is probably "The Cat Crept In" by Mud. 6 remains opaque.

DarceysDad said...

Thanks to Proudfoot's give-away clue about AC/DC, I've put the peg on my nose and waded through the mostly execrable 'Best Of Geordie': No.6 is Electric Lady.

What annoys me about that album is it doesn't even include their "best" (imo) single, She's A Teaser.

DarceysDad said...

Geordie's Electric Lady:

Compare and contrast - She's A Teaser:
"If you want me, come and get me!"


Finding the 7" of the latter shortly after Jonno joined AC/DC caused me to waste time and money on the so-called 'Best Of Geordie' unseen several years later.

Proudfoot said...

Well done all. Special commiserations to DsD who had to get his (methaphorical) hands rather dirty. 'She's a teaser' was unknown to me. I 've now heard three Geordie songs. I think that's enough.

saneshane said...

Just watched Mungo jerry on the tube and it is indeed the same song that my mates gothed up..no wonder they didn't make it, they didn't take themselves serious enough.

On the same note they started a show with VUs 'the gift' playing on a tape in darkness...spots illuminated the "stage" and they emerged out of cardboard boxes, fake blood dripping down their faces!

(the cellar bar held 30-40 people..you could hear them fumbling about and swearing in the dark)

Truely great times... anyone wanna write a goth spinal tape?