Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cyndi Lauper Rules, Okay?

The stealth Cyndi Lauper revival seems (to me) to be continuing apace. 

The ace new song "Back Of The Van" by Ladyhawke seems tres Cyndi to me, and let us not forget the much blogged about Santogold too. 

I do like Cyndi for these reasons:

1. The Goonies song - anyone who can do a track specifically for and about The Goonies is top banana in my book!

2. "Time after Time" is an amazing, lovely tune

3. As is "True Colours", but not quite as much as "Time after Time" 

4. Cyndi Lauper was Madonna's recurring nightmare during the 80s. Repeatedly Madonna would wake in a cold sweat in the dark of night, having dreamt that she woke up, looked in the mirror, and found herself to be Cyndi Lauper. 

5. She mashes up well with Dizzee Rascal (see below).

6. She has sold as many records as Johnny Cash and Nirvana

7. The bands she's inspired are really quite good (see Ladyhawke video below)

8. Her xmas duet with Frank Sinatra is awful. 

9. Why on earth am I trying to drag this out to 10 points?

10. God only knows, but that Goonies song rules...

Back Of The Van by Ladyhawke
Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
Girls Just Wanna Fix Up - Cyndi vs Dizzee Rascal

Here's the Ladyhawke video:


ejaydee said...

I would have made one of the points about how awesome Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is too!

goneforeign said...

Blimpy: Does it count for anything that the last time I heard her name was from my friends 8 year old daughter who thought she was 'Awesome', that was 20 odd years ago; now she's a married woman with kids.

goneforeign said...

I suppose you could say 'Life goes on'.

Blympi LaFlah said...

Or "what goes around"

Over the last couple of weeks, i've noticed more and more "hip" and "cutting edge" (according to the nme anyway) music sounds a lot like cyndi lauper, like, what's upwith that, man?

Proudfoot said...

Miles Davis covered 'Time After Time'. That's got to be creds.

DarceysDad said...

Not necessarily, Proudfoot, so did Green Day !!

Blympi LaFlah said...

i require aural proof of the time after time covers, please!

DarceysDad said...

On its way to an inbox near you ...

goneforeign said...

El Blimp: Last night I had a long phone chat with a friend in LA who I hadn't spoken with in quite some time. In the course of the conversation I mentioned the Guardian and RR and the book release party; "Oh I know about it, there was a piece in the LA Times" quoth he!
I just did a search there but didn't find anything, I don't doubt him, if he says he saw it he probably did.

steenbeck said...

Not sure she should have done this, though,
and to quote a youTube comment, "wtf, I don't see no Chuck D."

Blimpy said...

@steen, yeah where the f is chuck d?!

@gf - how can we find out?

@DsD - many thanks for the mp3, i must admit I was a wee bit disappointed by it, but it was quite rocking.

@proudfoot - got an mp3 you can post on t'spill?