Saturday, May 17, 2008

Songs to use on The Apprentice

A comment made by gordonimmel on my six shooter quiz made me think of this idea.

Let's nominate songs that could be used on the soundtrack of The Apprentice.

My first thoughts are;

You're So Vain
Like A Rolling Stone (Think about the words)
Dizzy (for Lucinda, obviously)
The Great Deceiver


Blimpy said...

"You've No Clue, Do You" by King Creosote - which could apply to ALL the contestants.

I love the show, essential viewing, I love Nick and Margaret - especially when Margaret muttered "Edinburgh's not what it was" two weeks ago.

Suralan's phrase "as sure as there's a hole in my arse" from the last series has gone down in history in our household.

gordonimmel said...

'Heaven Help Us All' - Stevie Wonder. If this is the future of British management

'Walk Idiot Walk' - The Hives. Final instructions in the boardroom if 'yur fayed'.

Think I'll stop lurking on Anna Pickard's blog on Wednesday and start contributing.

(Raef to win!)

Proudfoot said...

'Big Time' Peter Gabriel