Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roots of Breakdance



saneshane said...

that has just made me laugh so much...
zane was quite ill yesterday, but today it's like nothing has happened.
Getting him to bed was an hour of break dancing his way... big fat pillow on the floor me having to spin him around..the moves of a three year old are just classics..the faces he was pulling was like being at an early 90's rave!!

steenbeck said...

Glad Zane's feeling better. I like how they'll keep you up all night worrying about them, and then the next day when you're worn out, they're all better and CRAZY.

I think the video's funny because of how well it all fits together--picture & sound. But honestly, I have to respect their dancing skills. I couldn't do that with an accordion.

steenbeck said...

Have we ever had so many votes on a poll? I wouldn't even had thought we had 32 regular contributors. You picked an interesting question, Blimpy.

ejaydee said...

Glad to see we're mostly a bunch of thieving amoral malfeasants.

steenbeck said...

Ahhh.. a malfeasant. That will do very well with my career goal of ne'er-do-well and bon vivant.

Blimpy--are there new text colors? orange and blue instead of purple? Am I going crazy? I like it, anyway.

saneshane said...

now orange and blue would be firefox is designed like that.

as for Zane you would never have know and yes kept awake all night with worry then manic again. He's great today!

The editing of the music and dancing is perfect..I was stuck in London in the late 80's during a transport strike and ended up at a gig by The Wedding Present doing a Ukrainian was one of the most fun gigs I've ever been was packed, loads of dancing like that and the most Vodka smuggled into the venue then openly shared, it was such a fun gig.

As for the poll..I can't vote..
Technically inept so don't download much..isn't on the list.

Been reading as much of 'The Pirate's Dilemma' by Matt Mason that I can find, it's interesting..but because of the subject matter..piracy is a pretty good thing! I'm not paying £14.99 to be told this.,,2280543,00.html
good points made in the book and review.

on the same Dorians Camille live went to listen to her old cd that I got in Paris a few years ago, it wont play on a computer or load onto itunes..what feckin use is that?
I could play it on the stereo, but if I really want to keep playing it, it would be no use..I mostly listen while working.
I'm now not going to buy the new album or see her live cos it's pissed me off..Well done EMI france..but she seems interesting so I'll blag it somewhere..sorry Camille.

Rant over.
back to watching thomas the tank engine on utube (they've got enough £££)