Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Progtastic - covers quiz

The usual thing here. 10 album covers from the heyday of loon pants, Afghan coats, joss sticks and all things patchouli flavoured.

All you have to do is put a name to these groovetastic proggie artworks. Band and album please, maaaan!


Tim (Kalyr) said...

5 is Gong, but I can't remember the album title

6 is Hawkwind's "Hall of the Mountain Grill"

8 is Van der Graaf Generator's "Pawn Hearts"

9 is Yes' Rogerdeantastic "Relayer"

DarceysDad said...

Kalyr - naturally - has beaten me to the only two I knew straight off: Daevid Allen's Gong (clue was in the pic, Tim: The Flying Teapot Pt 1, I think) and Roger Dean's Yes sleeves are pretty hard to miss.

I really feel I know the ones immediately before and after Gong too, but I can't place them, and it's DarceysMam's college night, so i've got to get back to the girls ...

ToffeeBoy said...

My reputation as a prog rock fan is coming under increasing scrutiny - only knew the Gong one here and got one out of ten in Tim's prog-lyrics quiz. Time to sell the afghan and get my hair cut...

ShivSidecar said...

My era, if not necessarily my music. From memory:

1 = a German band, I think. Nektar?

2 = Bakerloo Blues Line - eponymous album?

3 = is the only one I own: "Sing Brother Sing" by the defiantly unprog Edgar Broughton Band.

4 = The Man On The Flaming Pie is whispering "Baker-Gurvitz Army" in my ear; dunno why.

7 = Mark/Almond ??? (no relation)

10 = the first ever album on the Vertigo label. I'll let somebody else name it!

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Toffeeboy - You're not the guy in the smelly Afgan coat who was next to me at Mostly Autumn last Thursday, are you? :)

I think he must have been a time traveller from 1973 - he was complaining he wasn't allowed to smoke dope at the gig.

TonNL said...

10. Colloseum, don't remember the album title, we had to guess that one in a pop quiz covers round a couple of years ago....

1. Nektar - A tab in the ocean
Wouldn't call them a German band, they were a couple of Englishmen, living in Hamburg, signed to a German label, Bellaphon...
(...how's that for useless trivia... ;-) )

CaroleBristol said...

We are doing well here, what a load of old hippies we all are!

So far we have;

1 Nektar "A Tab in the Ocean" English band in Germany as TonNl has said

2 Bakerloo "Bakerloo"

3 Edgar Broughton Band "Sing Brother
Sing", yes I know they aren't really prog

4 Baker-Gurvitz Army "Baker-Gurvitz Army"

5 Gong "Flying Teapot"

6 Hawkwind "In the Hall of the Mountain Grill"

7 still to get this one

8 Van der Graaf Generator "Pawn Hearts"

9 Yes "Relayer"

10 Colosseum - just the title now, please

Tim, not sure you need the adjective "smelly" when talking Afghan coats. Don't they all smell? I know that mine did. I doused it in patchouli but I still reeked like a Kirghiz goat herder

Tempusfugit said...

The only one I recognised - Colosseum's Valentyne Suite.

Proudfoot said...

7.Gentle Giant in a Glass House. Do you have the overlaid '3D' cover? Did you know the German (Vertigo) cover is a mirror image?

Proudfoot said...
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CaroleBristol said...

Well done all, 100% completed!