Monday, May 12, 2008

Beautiful People

As we all seem to enjoy those quizes, here is another slideshow from our pop quiz of this year. The question is simple: can you identify
these 20 beautiful people and/or bands


CaroleBristol said...

2 Lemmy
4 Shane McGowan
5 Johnny Winter
8 Marilyn Manson
10 Amy Winehouse
not sure about 15 is it the Magic Numbers?
20 Beth Ditto

I recognise some others and I'll have to think about them.

FP said...

Yes it is the magic numbers. One of my favourite singing in the shower bands. I love them and they make me feel good every time I step on the scales too.

steenbeck said...

11. Lee Perry, 14, Britney Spears, 17, Thom Yorke 19 Neil Young

Anonymous said...

7. David Johanssen?
10. Deedee Ramone?
12. David & David?
13. James Taylor?
20. Julie Burchill in her better days? :-)

I can never see Johnny Winter without thinking of 'Can a Blue Man Sing the Whites?'.

Ahh - Scratch Perry. I assumed it must be George Clinton. The outfit seemed appropriate.

ejaydee said...

1 is Bonnie "Prince" Billy
9 Dinosaur Jr
17 is that German band all the kids go crazy about. Tokio hotel or police, or something.
19 is the guy from Boney M

saneshane said...

I got 10 of them, but all taken I see.. thought Dinosaur jr. would be mine but ejaydee has beaten me to it.

is 7 Mick Monroe from Hanoi Rocks?
all the big hair looks the same to me!

Got the 78r.p.m cd this morning.. it is fantastic, can't thank you son was bopping around the entire household gives it a thumbs up..cheers.

DarceysDad said...

Trying not to look at the comments so far:

1. Bonnie Prince Billy
2. Lemmy
3. ?
4. Shane MacGowan
5. Edgar Winter
6. Marilyn Manson
7. Singer from Poison: Brett someone?
8. Dinosaur Jr
9. ?
10. Amy Winehouse
11. Lee Scratch Perry
12. Mark Lanegan & Greg Dulli
13. ?
14. Britney Spears?
15. The Magic Numbers
16. ?
17. Thom Yorke
18. The mannequin from BoneyM !
19. Neil Young
20. Beth Ditto

DarceysDad said...

3. Howard Stern??
9. Either Fish or the guy out of Turbonegro??
16. Not a bloody clue. They don't look old enough to hold a guitar properly!!

ejaydee said...

Oh I got my numbers wrong, 16, not 17 is Tokio Hotel.

ShivSidecar said...

I think I can bring this one home.
3 is Bonnie Tyler, after ingesting the contents of the infamous "Reading bottle".
9 is Yellow Tango, a Yo La Tengo tribute band.
13 is Lord Lucan.
16 is Czech teen idols Fukkwitzz.

ShivSidecar said...

Speaking of Lord Lucan (I was) reminds me of Billy Connolly's "Blue Murder":

The whole of society was buzzin'
When I did a bunk they called fuzz in
They're still Lucan for me
But I'm gonna stay free
Cos i happen to be the Queen's cuzzin

gordonimmel said...

Total long shot, but could No. 3 be John Cooper Clarke?

TonNL said...

So far, so good:

1. Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy
2. Lemmy (Motorhead)
3. ?
4. Shane McGowan
5. Johnny Winter
6. Marilyn Manson
7. ?
8. Dinosaur Jr.
9. Hank von Helvete (Turbonegro)
10. Amy Whinehouse (..brilliant, that Dee Dee Ramone suggestion... ;-) )
11. Lee 'Scratch' Perry
12. Greg Dulli / Mark Lanegan (the Gutter Twins)
13. ?
14. Britney Spears
15. The Magic Numbers
16. Tokio Hotel
17. Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
18. Bobby Farrell (Boney M)
19. Neil Young
20. Beth Ditto (the Gossip)

Hints: 3 is a Dutch hippie, who is living proof that smoking is quite a good conservation method..., might be the hardest one for you all to find
7. Strange that no one know him, the person in the background might also be a clue (and you can view the slide show full screen...)
13. Fronted a new wave band, his surname was part of the band name, after that he made some very stylish pop records, he is now exploring the music of the southern parts of the US of A (New Orleans, Tex-Mex etc.) and he is almost completely forgotten.....

ps. the slide show title "Moeder's Mooiste" translates as "Mother's Finest"...

DarceysDad said...

Oh Hloody Bell - 6 is Oral Sex with Izzy in the background, isn't it?

saneshane said...

the only bloke I know is Thijs Van Leer but wouldnt have a clue what he looks like then or now....from misty memory
can't you tell!

saneshane said...

oh and its not him.

ToffeeBoy said...

Is 7 Axl Rose?

nilpferd said...

Toffeeboy, that would have been equally good posted on ejaydee's caption search...

TonNL said...

No. 7 is indeed Oral Sex (anag.)!

no. 3 is Dutch flower child Armand, had a couple of hits in 1967/68, one of them called "Blommenkinderen" (Flower Children), another one was called "De Hasjiesjman" (Cannabis Man). Whenever Dutch TV needs an elderly statesman on the subject of hippie culture/smoking all kinds of dutch specialities, he turns up....

Leaves number 13......

ps. Thijs van Leer (Focus) nowadays is ca. 10 times the size of Armand, I guess he doesn't smoke.....

ToffeeBoy said...

@ nilpferd - God, I wish I'd thought of that! Do you think I could slip over to ejaydee's thread and post it as if it were my own idea...

ejaydee said...

course you can!

ShivSidecar said...

TonNL, your clues have led me to a theory about no.13... is it somebody whose one big hit was a song about walking leisurely in an Hispanic fashion?