Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to post mp3s for streaming and downloading on Blogger using Boxstr and the Yahoo player

1. Let's assume you have set up your boxstr account at and are logged in. 

2. Click on the upload tab in the top bar

3. Click the "choose file" button

4. Select the track you want from your computer, in this case I've gone for "Rush Hour" by Jane Weidlin. Repeat step 4 if you want to select multiple tracks. To help, I've also chosen "The Teaser" by Kool Keith and Karen O. 

5. Click the "upload selected files" button - a "processing upload, please wait" screen will appear for quite a little while.

6. Once they've uploaded, a new screen will appear that has 'linking codes' in it in a box.

7. Click the "just the direct URLs" blue highlighted bit - the links in the box will change accordingly. These new links are ready for the yahoo media player.

8. To get the code for the yahoo media player that I use, bookmark this page:

and open it up in a new window.

9. Now open up your blog post in the blogger editor, and wherever you want the mp3s to sit in the post, click over to the "edit html" window. At this point I have 3 web browser windows open; blogger, boxster, and yahoo media player. 

10. On the yahoo page, copy and paste the code in box A. I've only copied the first two lines, as I have only two mp3s to post.

11. Paste this code into the edit html window. 

12. Go over to boxstr, and copy and paste the code for the link for the first mp3. Then paste this address over the bit that says, so that it's inbetween the inverted commas and then type a nice descriptive name instead of the part that says 'first link'. 

Repeat step 12 for each mp3.

13. Now, to add the actual player, copy and paste the code in box B from the yahoo page to the edit html box on blogger. It's best to do this at the end of your post, even though it won't be visible when you go back over to the compose window. The play buttons won't be visible til you publish either. 

14. That should be it, now once the blog entry is published you should get the play button next to each mp3, and if folks want to download them direct to their computers, they can click the underlined track description. 

15. Having followed my own instructions, there should now be some tasty mp3s just below where i'm typing this just now (fingers crossed!!)

Rush Hour by Jane Weidlin
The Teaser by Kool Keith and Karen O


Blimpy said...

ha ha ha, i guffed up the html in my post about 5 times whilst writing this how-to!!!

what a fanny.

Blimpy said...

ha ha ha ha, the mp3s don't work now!!!

Blimpy said...

my boxstr bandwidth is used up!!! right, that's it - i'm burying the net in the garden.

see ya.

what a bloody waste of time.....

Blimpy said...

it's bloody scarlett jahanssopn that's done it, right then - who played it 228 times, huh? own up!!!

Changa said...

it worked for me.
thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOOOO much! All day I've been trying to work this out!! Thank you for making it happen for me.