Monday, September 1, 2008

"But Mother Wants You"

Mad Professor 'black heroes'
Gary Byrd 'The Crown'
Malcolm Middleton 'Superhero Songwriters'

I didn't have time to convert these over the weekend.. I'm listening to Mad prof with Turkish band Baba Zula at the moment since my visit.. so remembered this.

The Crown was the first 12" I owned.. a 45rpm single was a big thing in 83ish.. listen out for Stevie Wonder.

Superhero Songwriters was my first thought for this.. but it didn't convert on my first post.

Aidan Smith 'song to Delia Smith'
Spearmint 'Julie Christie'
Dogs Die In Hot Cars 'Celebrity Sanctum'

These just make me smile, with cross over to the famous people topic years ago, pre 'spill.
The Stills 'Allison Krausse'
Aidan Moffat 'The Sixth Stone'

Slightly odder song subjects...
Drat and double drat.. still forgot to post
Kim Wilde 'Shane'


Blimpy said...

That Aiden Moffat song is awesome!!

Straight into the itunes for that wee beauty, you rule shane!!!

"All the way from Pittenweem
to the rock 'n' roll dream,
all the way from East Neuk, Fife,
to the R&B life, "

I love songs that mention my locale too!! Big up East Fife!!!

Shoegazer said...

Liked both Aidan's, Malcolm & the Mad Prof

saneshane said...

hey blimpy
...can comment now I've got the major list out the way....

The sixth stone was written by Ian Rankin, from an album called 'Ballads of Book'
a chemikal underground/ Scottish arts council/ Roddy Woomble collaboration.. getting Scottish writers poets and bands together.. do you know it?

I'm patiently waiting for your Scottish Blimpcast, before I post my Tartan collection.. we don't want any overlapping now do we.

Glad you and shoey enjoyed anyhow.

steenbeck said...

I'm just making the Malcolm/Aidan Arab Strap connection. I'm so slow sometimes. I also liked the Malcolm (my Malcolm sang along, amusingly enough) the Aidan Moffat and the Mad Professor. The Crown was wonderful too. You got your money's worth!!