Friday, November 6, 2009


Funky Thing (Pt. 1) - Larry Ellis And & Black Hammer
Descobri Que Sou Um Anjo - Jorge Ben
Spanish Key - Miles Davis
I Don't Know Where I'm Bound - Johnny Cash
Games People Play - Bob Andy
Space - Galt McDermot


ejaydee said...

Phew, it was a very good year...

goneforeign said...

I'm glad you like Bob Andy, that's a great song. He's a lovely bloke, very talented musically but somehow his songs rarely get the notice they deserve. I've got 3-4 of his unreleased CD's.

ejay said...

It's a great song, not so much vimful, but joyful. I think it's like a blues song. Until the last minute, I thought of replacing it with a Keith & Tex song.