Monday, November 16, 2009

Magic Highway

Amazing how this vision of the future is outdated.


zag said...

Oh I don't know - they got a good few things right. Like the emptying of 'downtown' and building all the out of town retail palaces.

Pre-cast bridge spans - got that one right, but maybe not ones that follow right behind that automatic road layer. We recently got an entire bridge built in Rotterdam and shipped over by barge to Dublin. All they had to do here was screw it in . . .

Atomic tunnel borer/melter ? Well, maybe not yet.

I like the bit about father choosing the route - some things don't change at all. They got GPS correct in all but name. And as for business conferences being conducted en-route - I'm afraid I've had more than a few of those although luckily not on TV.

Escalator ramps - all over the place now. Punched cards - so 1960s

All in all a very enjoyable view of the future. I wonder what the current views of the future would predict ?


zag said...

Dang, those future-predictors are *still* getting it right. This just in from the man at the BBC -


ejaydee said...

My favourite was the cantilevered roads.

steenbeck said...

Highly specialized pleasure vehicles!!!