Monday, November 16, 2009

New On Fence Records

This is a new signing to the beloved Fence Records; 'BE WATER (Je suis de l'eau)' by Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains. You can read more about him here on the Fence Records site.

It's french pop, and the video seems to be nearly all animated using watercolour pictures!!!

In other Fence related news - it seems that 'Spill favourite King Creosote has a new album. Except you can't buy it. It only exists live, and has so far been played only once. I'm listening to it now. I think Kenny is making a stand against folks who think music should be entirely free, as he says on the Fence site:


What was i thinking?! - music should be free for all ... file sharing, spotify, free downloads - all of it very good news for record labels, recording studios, music magazines, record shops, and of course the bands themselves.

i haven't recorded "my first bit of strange in 13 years" yet, and don't intend to for a while, but i have performed the album live in its entirety at the fence halloween weekend in front of an invited audience, the members of which were asked to record the show for themselves on battery powered equipment. i think it went alright. folks are passing their recordings around with my blessing.

captain geeko the dead aviator accompanied me on drums, guitar and samples. we had to practise a few times, and this came as such a shock to our busking nature that our hair began to resemble "see you jimmy" wigs by the start of side B.

"my second/third/fourth ... bit of strange in 14 years" (how quickly time flies) will be performed at fence homegame 7. the line up will change throughout the weekend, and i hope to see some of you there.

don't forget your dictaphones.

Ironically, Fence artists are pretty much the only folks I'm guaranteed to spend my cash on, and Fence artists seem to be the only folks I go to see live these days. Homegame tickets go on sale soon too by the way.


ejaydee said...

I heard Be Water on the Guardian Music podcast, and almost bought it straight away, then I forgot about it. Have you heard the album? Any good?

Blimpy said...

the albums not out quite yet. i think this may fall down the back of the sofa yet.

steenbeck said...

Oh - I like Be Water - song and video.

saneshane said...

j'adore the last minute of the video (don't know if i adore you really works for the last minute of a video!) but hey.

did I ever link 'ANGIL+hidden tracks' to here- you three might like the video:

(not for kids by the way)

the link to this apart from being French - I think- is his album has copying, displaying, sharing this work is okay. sampling too:
conditions "attribution"
and "non-comm" (that is :rich and famous with my music? NO WAY!)

I kidda like that attitude.

FloodablePlain (FP he he) said...

I've been listening to François and all of his mountains for a coupla weeks. Good on ya Blimpy! The album's wonderful - called Plaine inondable which, bafflingly, means 'floodable plain' as in the rain in spain... You can possibly hear the whole album here:
He's a Breton and went on a musical pilgrimage to... Bristol. As you do. It's there that he met up with his mountains. So to speak. Bisous FP

FP said...

If that link doesn't work then just do a search for François and the atlas mountains on deezer.

Blimpy said...

cheeers FP!