Sunday, November 15, 2009

RR Northern Social CD Compilations: an update

I have so much music still to listen to, I've employed a crack team of hip young dudes to do it for me ...

Seriously, I know I'm not the only one still with discs to listen to, so I thought I would start another thread, so we can all keep our promises of feedback on the front page of The 'Spill.

The only comments I have ready to add to the previous thread are in as first response below.

For comments already made last month, go here.


DarceysDad said...

Gremlin - I love, LOVE, LOVE that Purple Haze! But you can keep Richard H. Kirk, I'm afraid. And I'm kinda confused: am I supposed to have two quite different versions of your CD? I was really getting into the reggae groove in the middle of one disc, but then got unexpectedly mugged by Aphex Twin, because I was looking at the tracklisting from the other CD! Sorry, but I bloomin' HATE Windowlicker (that goes for you too, ejaydee)!

Tracy - The Jack CD won't play in any of the four CD players, three DVD players or two computers in the house, or either car stereo, and that's damned frustrating!!

exodus - KtP's The Last Film!!! Oh yes, indeedy. I owe The Skids (actually anything Adamson did) a review, and a nicely-done-but-quizzically-off-kilter Beatles selection in amongst those late70s/early80s selections: any reasoning behind it?

AliM - playing as I type: absolutely loved Boy Hits Car! Never heard of 'em: any more or any history you can add? City Sleeps was a little worryingly Busted-like. Oh, and Gordon missed getting a copy: do you have any left, or shall I copy him this one?

tincanman said...

I'm going to be the last to listen to them all, aren't I?

Shoegazer said...

Didn't see these in the box - possibly not paying attention. Any chance of a re-up?

DarceysDad said...

The Jack CD TracyK did for me wasn't in the general swaps, Shoey, so unless MrsP uploads it I can't help.

treefrogdemon said...

DsD, I had a piece of toast in my mouth when the photo popped open, and I'm still coughing.

AliMunday said...

DsD - I don't know much about Boy Hits Car. I think they're American and there are 4 of them - my friend gave me a CD which I would be happy to copy for you. I really like it. I can do another Spill CD for Gordonimmel as well - if you email me your address I'll sort them out. City Sleeps was on my Walkman when my stepson gave it to me so I just added it to the Social CD for for novelty value!! Haven't listened to yours yet, must get organised.

TracyK said...

Rich, I'll get Jon to make you another copy. Uploading stuff to Dropbox is just beyond me, I'vbe never managed to get anything to open, let alone add anything. Must put all the discs onto my MP3 player.

Exodus said...

DsD - it was all stuff I really liked that I only had on vinyl, mostly as you say from the late 70's/early 80's. It does include my two favourite Beatles tracks , both off the 'Yellow Submarine' album - which I never thought worth buying on CD just for those two. The vinyl is an original vintage 1968 copy handed down from my sister - so there's some genuine 60's crackles in there!

Still got a couple to go so will try to report back later this week!

gremlinfc said...

OK here goes...what I'm going to do is pick me top 3 from each CD :
DsD - you're clearly a rock-based dude so some (if not a lot) of your choices would pass me by BUT my top 3 is:
1.Spear of Destiny - Liberator
2. Dr. Feelgood - No Mo do Yakamo
3. Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
I can get your comments on RHK -he's an acquired taste and you clearly need a bit of force-feeding(!!)- did you like the way i lulled you in with a dose of irie-vibes and then walloped you with 'Windowlicker'! Clever stuff hey?
@Exodus - am in Manchester Thursday and finish conference at 3.30 if you fancy coffee & chat - would love to meet you if you free. Yours was by far my fave CD and picking a top was tricky but here goes:
1. Zobi la mouche - Negresses vertes
2. The Box - Fad Gadget
3. Hymns from a haunted Ballroom- Skids. BTW there was a Lunch track on a compilation of spoken word stuff with a track by Anton La Vey which is superb - will find it for you...
@gordonimmel - the rock theme was similar to DsD so wwas equally going to fox me but did like the following:
1. Deus - Sugarcubes
2. Seven Seas of Rye - Queen
3. Mother of Pearl - Wendy & Lisa - who were they?
@AliMunday - some choons on here I had long neglected and indeed not heard so thanks for opening those little boxes!
1. Noone knows- Queens of Stone Age
2. Otter Rock - Chemical Brothers
3. Goldfish - Roy Harper
How's that for 3 tracks which couldn't be more unlike each other! Eclectic Ali mos def!
@Tarxien - yours was a very tuneful but laid-back mix and went down very well saturday morning whilst doing calm things!
1. Noah & the Whale- First Days of Spring - my first hearing of them and like them very much - thanks for the intro.
2. Factory- Martha Wainwright
3.Kalachnikov Love- Alpha Blondy & Wailers- great track - again where did they come from - new one for me!
@daddypig - love your taste because it's so different to mine and i\ have now got some great but different choons in my collection :
1. Sonny Rollins - St. Thomas - what a drummer!(whoever it is)
2. peggy Lee- It Ain't Necessarily So - kicks the Bronski Beat version all over the road! Coooooooooooooool!
3. Ruby My Dear - Monk & Coltrane.
This really was an eye-opener Daddypig so mega-thanks!
@tracyK - again a very interesting mix and one which kept me guessing as i'd hardly listened to any of the bands. In fact some i actually thought you'd made up! Well good.
1. They Might Be Giants - I'm a paleontologist
2. Awesome New Republic- Wheels, no engine
3.Beat Radio- memoir of a lightning Bolt
@Mnemonic - great CD which really got me excited as to what would come next : you also have a very broad taste of music present here and i like it.
1. HAS TO BE track 1 Sunno
2. German connection says NEU!
3. Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
WHAT A LOAD OF ACE MUSIC FOLKS! Many many thanks but just one question...WHERE'S THE BLOODY FUNK & DISCO?
Love it.

gremlinfc said...

PS - TOP 3 from all the CDS :
1. Squarepusher -Mnemonic : due to its funkiness and great vibe.
2. Sonny Rollins - daddypig - Nice!
3. Zobi la Mouche- Exodus

DarceysDad said...

Cheers all.

@ Gremlin - as the saying goes, fuggeddabaadit! Given what I know of your tastes, I'm surprised you found as many as three on mine that didn't have you reaching for the skip button. My previous Social CDs have been wandering further and further away from my core heavy rock tastes, so this one was deliberately, wilfully guitar-centric with almost nothing from the last twenty years. The nineties and noughties fave rockers will no doubt be on one of my next discs: be afraid ... be very afraid!

Re Gordon's - ejay or Mnemonic will probably know more than me, but Wendy & Lisa started in Prince's band.

DaddyPig's disc seems to be universally popular so far, but my memory fades fast these days - I think I'm going to post a link in the header back to last month's initial post ...

Exodus said...

I'll start a bit of feedback on those I've heard so far - no favouritism, just as they come to hand.

Gremlin - about 50/50 new stuff/stuff I knew, Lazy & Dignity of Labour have always been faves, & of the new stuff I love Purple Haze & SDI will be listened to regularly. Must admit I'm with DsD on Windowlicker though...

DsD - Orgasm Addict, She Sells Sanctuary both old friends & as I think I said elsewhere, it's great to have a copy of 'Banana Splits' again after all these years - Mr Ex & I have been dancing around the kitchen with that at full volume while cooking tea on more than one occassion (ocassion? occasion? - I can never get that one right).Always happy to hear more Spear of Destiny & Dr Feelgood & also really enjoyed Lone Star - totally new to me & possibly not my normal thing, but very nice. But I'm afaid AC/DC's oversized accoutrements had me reaching desperately fo the 'skip' button.

Mnemonic - All totally new to me, so there's probably a few things there that'll take a couple of repeat plays to worm their way in, but love the 'Neu!'. I like the Krautrock but beyond a bit of Faust & of course Kraftwerk I don't know a lot. Neu!are definitely worth investigating. Nico Muhly & Squarepusher sre the other stand outs so far.

Tarxien - I've LOVED rediscovering Chinese Cafe. I had that album on vinyl 25 or so years ago but it went walkabout. To be honest can't even remember what it was called but I do recall the cover! That was my favourite track on it,& there's actually something quite heartwrenching listening to the lyrics again at the age of forty hrm mm hmm (sorry - frog in my throat). Really like the Cave Singers, of whom I know nothing, (Could be Patti Smith on vocals. Is it? Or somebody doing a bloody good job of channelling her?) and the temper trap.

Back later with more.

gordonimmel said...

I'm glad Darceysdad put this up (although it does seem to have slipped down the screen rather alarmingly fast) since I wanted to be able to pass on a few comments on each CD.

I've listened to them all now (except for AliMunday's which I hadn't realised until recently I didn't get on the night and Tincanman's which is a 'watch' rather than a 'listen'). Here's a few comments. This isn't necessarily a full summary of each, just a couple of thoughts....

So, in no particular order:-

EXODUS' VINYL VAULT - I liked almost everything on this without there necessarily being a stand out track. If I had to big up anything it would be 'Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom' (The Skids) and 'Next' (SAHB). And thanks for the two Fabs tracks. I've only had them on my video of Yellow Submarine up till now.

DADDY PIGS 'ERE - Unsuprisingly I preffered the blues/soul bits to the jazz bits. So it's a special mention for Bill Brandon, Candi Staton, Smokey and Ann Peebles. Roy Wood is also quirky in a nice sort of way. Haven't listened to the Christmas tracks yet....not allowed to until December. Oh and I liked 'She Caught The Katy....' aswell but it's killing me. I'm sure that's a theme for a telly program isn't it? If not, where have I heard it before?

TARXIEN - I liked it all generally but I have a tick next to 'Shrine' by The Cave singers and TWO ticks next to The Be Good Tanyas. I really like that one.

TRACYK'S DAY KITTY - Ticks next to 'Kick Drum Heart' and 'Wheels, No Engine'. Enjoyable listen throughout.

MNEMONIC - I didn't mind the Sunn0))) track atall and I also liked Neu! and Current 93. It was those geese alighting on a sandy shore which kept forcing me to hit the 'skip' button!

WEBCORE'S BLUES - Loved it all ofcourse and especially enjoyed hearing what (I assume) are originals of 'standards' by other groups i.e. 'Nobody's Fault But Mine', 'Sitting On Top Of The World', 'Outside Woman Blues' and 'I'm So Glad'.

DARCEYSDAD - Unsuprisingly, I liked it all (and knew half of it already, ofcourse). But a word of advice to others. DO NOT PLAY THIS CD IN THE CAR WITH SMALL CHILDREN IN THE BACK!. "What does 'Big Balls' mean, Daddy?". Ooh,'Rock BOTTOM' (snigger). By the time it got to 'Orgasm Addict' I just fast forwarded it.....

GREMLINFC - I did listen to it as promised. I'll back up the support for 'Purple Haze' by Groove Armada but to be honest, the hardcore dance stuff just isn't my bag.
By the way, I was suprised that you thought my CD was 'Rock'. I thought it was the most 'un-rock' SocialCD I've done so far - hence the 'Stuck In The Middle Of The Road' tag.

tincanman said...

Anyone else struggling to visualize Gordon in his crib biggin' something up?
Tip for Gord: S'up homey is not an American engineering term meaning construction on the bungalow has been completed.

DarceysDad said...

Gordon, I don't wish to state the bleedin' obvious, but you've not got the (different) version of She Caught The Katy from The Blues Brothers in mind, have you?

And I'll have you know AC/DC's Big Balls is one of (8yo) DarceysSis' all-time favourite songs, and is on TWO of her compilation CDs... DarceysMam glares at me every time it comes on in the car!

gordonimmel said...

@Darceysdad, re 'She Caught The Katy...', ah yes, ofcourse, that's it.
And, yes, Big Balls could be played as family entertainment as long as I keep up the lie that its about a man who throws outrageous parties......

DaddyPig said...

Just catching up with this - I'm glad everyone's having the same need for plenty of time with these.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I owe nearly everyone the same courtesy. I'm just coming to the end of my second listen, writing some thoughts and trying to edit down the rambling. This doesn't come naturally to me.

Gremlin, the drummer on St Thomas is Max Roach - though I had to check the record sleeve myself, my jazz knowledge doesn't go so deep. Good listening skills !