Monday, November 9, 2009

If this was 1972 - it could be Carole's AOTW

were an English band who were noticeably more successful in Europe than they were in the UK, particularly in Germany. They got together in Hamburg at the end of the 1960s apparently and worked and recorded in Germany, particularly on their earlier albums, which are pretty good examples of spacey prog. They continued to record and tour until the 1980s, I think and reformed in 2002, releasing a few albums and playing at prog festivals.

The band's original line-up was;

Roye Albrighton – guitars, vocals
Allan Freeman – keyboards, backing vocals, mellotron
Ron Howden – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Derek Moore – bass, vocals

A Tab In The Ocean
was their second release and it came out in 1972.

Here it is in all its progtastic glory;

A Tab In The Ocean

Desolation Valley


Crying In The Dark

King Of Twilight


Japanther said...

this sounds cool Carole, but I couldn't get "Waves" to download/play.....

DarceysDad said...

Yeah, my player by-passed Waves too, Carole. Don't bust a gut on my behalf to fix it though, the whole thing was just TOO proggy for me. I could enjoy a track every so often I think, but otherwise ...

CaroleBristol said...

Waves works now, I cut off the first "h" of http.

It is only about 50 seconds long though.

Japanther said...

thanks Carole. not sure how often i'll go back and listen but this worked beautifully with a rainy afternoon working from home today, proggy for sure but not TOO proggy for me....