Sunday, November 8, 2009


Back To Life (Acapella) - Soul II Soul
Eye Know - De La Soul
Warm It Up, Kane - Big Daddy Kane
Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
Muchadura - Thomas Mapfumo And The Blacks Unlimited
Waterfall - The Stone Roses
Otis - The Durutti Column


saneshane said...

an all powerful perfect playlist from when i was 18/19 so obviously the best feckin' music ever....

(feel free to disagree if you were a teenager at any other time - BUT YOU ARE WRONG)

Add some Young MC/Happy Mondays/Galaxie 500/Dinosaur Jr/Coldcut/Bongwater/The Beastie Boys/A.C. Marias/Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and some Sugarcubes and my indie disco '89 is complete!

thank you EJD
(i now feel old as well as ill though)

FP said...

Hope Sane gets better and I also thought of Soul II Soul. Love that track. Dondé.

ejaydee said...

Thanks Shane and FP, my 99 is your 89, although I didn't indulge so it won't be all hip hop.
I love that acapella version of Back To Life, it teases you and teases you and teases you until the very last minute when the beat finally comes in.

saneshane said...

feeling better today FP thanks

talking of teases:
Had the Soul II Soul album taped on the back of the De La Soul album so we could listen in my mates 2CV when she picked me up... (I'd move to Bournemouth and she picked me up from station when I returned for a night out) after about the fourth time taking detours down a cobbled street I asked her why we went that way...
she told me the cobbles the music and the 2CVs bounce gave her great orgasms... 3 ft high and rising got a whole new meaning from that day on.... her name was:

FP said...

Although I will take issue with the dates. Tell you why. I started my studies in 1985 and spent summer 1985 whizzing round the North East of England listening, unless I Have this very wrong, to THAT soul II soul album. So I think it's more of a 1985. But an utter classic and I also move the moment when the beat drops in. Fabulous.
Nice one Sane - keep it up.

ejaydee said...

Aargh, I thought I had all the years right! You're right to take issue, I'm quite anal about these things, will fix it later. Maybe that particular version came out in 89? (he wished)

saneshane said...

you sure FP?:

April '89 release on his site!

FP said...

Arrrgh!! Explanation: I spent a lot of time with me wee sister bombing around in her black mini (old one) with that album on permanent repeat. I did this because I know I wouldn't see her for a while. But it wasn't summer 1985 before I went to live in Auld Reekie. It was summer 1989 before I went to live in... France!!!! Sorry guys. Memory not what it was. Wrong long hot summer!!!

zag said...

Excellent playlist here - it has the mini-zags throwing shapes all around the house at the moment. I think they (and I) have recovered their faith in the 'spill after the progosity of some recent lists. I think they were actually quite concerned about me when I had Nektar on yesterday.