Saturday, November 14, 2009

Des Pirate says: better than no sex.

The Cannibal Hiking Disaster
Sad, Sad, Sad
Despite What You've Been Told

Serious Drugs (Other Mix)
If Winter Ends
The World Is Gone

I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight
What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy
First Few Desperate Hours

Divine Disappointment


saneshane said...

1 The Cannibal Hiking Disaster - Alterkicks
2 Sad, Sad, Sad - Arms
3 Despite What You've Been Told - Two Gallants
4 Serious Drugs (Other Mix)-BMX Bandits
5 If Winter Ends - Bright Eyes
6 The World Is Gone- Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
7 I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight- Ballboy
8 What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy - Bongwater
9 First Few Desperate Hours- The Mountain Goats
10 Divine Disappointment-Alias

the b list kicks arse too, but getting it down to ten is a challenge.... I was tring to write out the reasons .. but my spelling is going so far off the radar that spell check has given up and gone to bed.

Makinavaja said...

Shane - I'll get round to hearing this, I promise. Just wanted to say how much I like the artwork you always post with your stuff. Cheers.

saneshane said...

Makinavaja - ta very much.

until the 'spill was invented - I only did collages by hand with scalpel and glue.. I'd never used a computer... so Fri/Sat nights were experimental computer doodles to go with my playlists.

(I'm over worked at the moment, so the images are just being adapted.. in the new year once i get more memory for the computer.. even more experimental stuff should appear)

I even did a spill monster movie back in the distant past:

and 'spill santa film' and 'spill ONE' for the first birthday.. they are very amateurish, but loads of fun for my first ever goes.

Thanks for stopping in.

Blimpy said...

Topness, as ever, shane!

That version of Serious Drugs is the definative one, if you ask me.

Blimpy said...

Ballboy are one of those bands that if I hear one song by them, then I need to hear loads more straight after.

Blimpy said...

Thank Rolf for Spotify then, I don't even have to get up to find their cds (plus Mewsli is lying on me so I can't).

sorry, Bongwater, but it was shane's fault for putting them before you....

Makinavaja said...

Thanks for that link Shane. I'll have to watch it a few times more 'cause there is so much going on. I've sent the link to my friend Quique - my musical guru in many ways. He visits the 'Spill from time to time despite not understanding a word of English I just know he is going to love this. Thank you so much.

Shoegazer said...

Bah, forgot the Alterkicks - that would have been perfect this week. Only have this one on an Nme comp - is there other stuff any good? Bmx & the Goats were the other standouts this week, although they were all very fine as usual.

saneshane said...

shoey - wouldn't have a scooby about the Alterkicks - this track from that NME compilation...

Brie Muck - my fav version of serious drugs deffo... and no worries about listening to extra Ballboy.. (I did the same with caroles list.. can't listen to VUs waiting for the man without playing Pixies 'Here comes your man')

Maki - hope Quique enjoys too.

Aidan Moffat's 'Plastic Mistletoe'
would have been good too.. but no Christmas stuff till December.. is my rule.

Japanther said...

Great playlist this week Shane, not a track I didn't dig!

steenbeck said...

Listened and liked, Saneshane. Great tunes, as ever. And there's Bright Eyes again!

saneshane said...

Bright Eyes spill over.. has been put in DBox for you steen, and links in your thread..

cheers for the listen.. that goes for you to JP.