Monday, November 9, 2009


Wise Up - Aimee Mann
Je Pense Á Toi - Amadou & Mariam
Get A Move On - Mr. Scruff
Feeling For You (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix) - Cassius
Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman
Buster - Sporto Kantes
Sympathique - Pink Martini
Eve - Spacek
Window Licker - Aphex Twin

Apologies to some of my favourites songs which for various reasons I decided not to include.


Japanther said...

is this the last one??

well, it was one hell of a ride EJD! I put them all onto one playlist and it's a real varied rollercoaster through history...mostly stuff i'd never heard of and a couple of familiar favourites.

From 1999 I liked the Method Man & Redman and the Les Rythemes Digitales remix brought back fond memories of clubbing in late-90's Brighton in the aftermath of Big Beat, i'd just moved back after finishing University; heady times indeed! I saw LRD DJ at The Beach club on the seafront, I may not have been in complete control of all my faculties, but I remember it being a good night!
Aphex Twin is just an unimpeachable classic!

This was an incredible undertaking a great playlist, cheers!

ejaydee said...

Thanks Japa, it is the last one indeed, but I might do a 0s next year. It was hell figuring out which songs to pick, especially for 1969, but I had fun overall, going through a lot of stuff I hadn't listened to before.
I had to have Windowlicker as the last track, because it will sound like the future for probably another 10 or 20 years!

steenbeck said...

Loved the whole series. It's funny how the overall impression of each year changed - I can't describe it - if started to feel different to listen as it got to decades that I was actually alive. Don't know why. Anyway, thanks for the series, what a good idea.