Friday, November 13, 2009


5 Minutes

Desperate Ways

No More Ghettos
Way Down In The Hole
Hey Joe
Muddy Water

The Drowning Man
Ask Me About Jon Stross
New Dawn Fades


Makinavaja said...

The stranglers again! 5 minutes the a side to my 'flu song a couple of weeks ago. Always loved five minutes but felt the single mix didn't do justice to the real menace of Hugh's (admittedly very simple) guitar riff. Thanks for bringing back those fluey memories, Shoey!

Shoegazer said...

It's weird how often this happens with the rr themes. Sugar nearly got a return this week too. It's probably because the stuff you dug out for one week is still in the front of the memory line for another theme. Anyhow, it fits, it's good & it's in.

Japanther said...

ace list as always Shoey.

Tom Waits, Tindersticks and Raveonettes did it for me. Can't make up my mind about that Metallica remix though.....

Shoegazer said...

Know what you mean - it is a bit like Metallica meets Jive Bunny. Works for me as Metallica always come across as a little serious & self-important & this is fun.