Monday, November 30, 2009

AOTW: I can't reign in my enthusiasm any longer

Big challenge for RRers this week:

I've run across an album that has captivated me for the past month, and like the following reviewer, nearly dismissed it after only half a song. What a bloody mistake that would have been! Here's a reviewer who agrees:

On the surface, Corb Lund is not going to be an artist you'd gravitate towards. I mean, country-fused songs with complex narratives about war, the cavalry and a strange obsession with horses is not most people's cup o' tea and to be honest, I hit eject the first time I listened to I Wanna Be In the Cavalry. Luckily, I decided to give the record the proper effort before giving up on it and I'm glad I did.

Despite the unique choice in subject matter, you can't deny Corb's lyrical skill. He paints detailed images of fragility, fear, love, and loss all within the context of soldiers from the past. Now, I know you might be thinking, "jebus: 15 songs about war?" .... This record is much more ambitious than 95% of the records I get sent, and I was almost too ready to ignore it. Hopefully the rest of you don't make the same mistake.
And so, at the risk of being ridiculed by RRers everywhere, here is:

Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans
Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!

(See spotify or the box; it's an album, I can't link to 2 or 3 songs)
(Cartoon is one someone did of my Dad!)


tincanman said...

There are two 'funny' novelty songs on the album - and for the life of me I don't know what he was thinking - so i didn't drop them.

steenbeck said...

I'm curious, and will listen. Sounds good to me.

Blimpy said...

the spill now has a twitter:

email me via the sidebar for the password if you want to get tweetin!

DarceysDad said...

I'll dond the idea that the album begins to get to you as you listen further in, but I can't say I'm that enthused on my first 2or3 plays.

You probably didn't want to hear me say that the songs I like best are those that most remind me of somebody else, but that's how it is, I think.

I will say that it has only been background, rather than focussed, listening tonight, so most of the lyrical barbs will have passed over me.

Cheers, tin.

tincanman said...

@ DsD
I don't mind whatever you want to say. It's an unusual album few if any RRers will have heard, and sharing that sort of stuff with each other is what RR is all about. If we all liked the same thing, we'd have nothing to discuss each week.

barbryn said...

This is weirdly compelling. The Decemberists would have loved to have written some of these songs ("Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier"). "Student Visas" was another stand-out, maybe because it sounded like it was written in the 21st century (or 20th anyway) - I could imagine Steve Earle singing it.

Thanks for posting - would certainly not have heard this otherwise.

tincanman said...


steenbeck said...

I'm going to have to echo what Barbryn so aptly said...weirdly compelling and definitely reminiscent of The Decemberists. I'd need to listen to it again to form a more cohesive opinion, but it's definitely appealing. His voice started to grate after a whole album's worth, and, as weird as the idea is, I think they could have gotten away with being slightly more eccentric. But definitely an interesting pick I never ever would have heard of.


I have body of war now, by the way. Should I delete, or leave it in a bit?

AliMunday said...

I don't hate it, but I don't think I could listen to it too often. Thanks for posting, though.