Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Grow Up

Growing Up
When I Grow Up
The Boys Are Leaving Town
Teenage Superstars
Teen Love

Mary of the 4th Form
Oh Princess
Young Lover
Young Generation Dub


Captain Raveman said...

That photo makes me think of an infant Hurley from "Lost".

glasshalfempty said...

No,'s Susan Boyle

saneshane said...

Dubious songs committee gets slightly nervous thinking about the content of some of these songs!

Ladytron is a different version to mine.. i believe.. great tho

(think about what I write now...)
ok..I like 'Teen Love' (Damn :()- the Concretes are always a pleasure.

The Broken Family Band was good..
glad it's now legal.

I'm not even going to comment on young lover... or Mary.

Dub it is then..

Interesting theme with many interpretations.. me thinks.
If you don't analyze it too closely a cool playlist shoey.

Ah forgot the stunning Fever Ray - class.

sourpus said...

Shoey, I remember seeing Yeah Yeah Noh, performing in a tiny pub in Leicester city centre about 1984. Must have been very soon after they were formed.

They closed the bar, all the windows were blacked out and no lights were used at all. We all stood there, no pints left, in the pitch dark and listened to their marvellous racket. Great memory.

A few years later, my cousin was based in Cairo for a few years alongside side other voluntary workers from Leicester and found herself stationed there with Sue Dorey (YYN's 'stand up' female drummer). When my cousin returned from Egypt, I took her to dinner and along with her came Sue. I described the night I spent watching the band (as above) and Sue just said 'Oh, we used to do daft things like that all the time. I dont remember that one in particular'.

Still a great band though.

'Bias binding' - one of the great lost indie singles.

"Grabbed a kebab one worker's playtime, in the summer that passed me by,
Shouldve put in some overtime, but my heart's not in my work'

Oh how I used to relate to those words!!

Shoey said...

GHE - that wins the caption contest, welcome back. Pleas get to work on your festive Spill picks.

Shane - You know that if it starts out with "folded in your fleshy purse" it's going to be pretty tangenital with extra genitalia.

Sourpus - A great band who weren't around long enough. Still one of my favorite ever album covers.

steenbeck said...

I started listening, Shoey (Isaac likes that first track a lot) but then I read your conversation with Shane, and I"m not sure I can go on with a four-year-old in the room. I'll try again after bedtime.

Shoey said...

You should get away with it, Steen. The sweaty stuff down below, however.........

Shoey said...

Erm, make that a sweary (Jobs - get off my phone).

Sweaty songs are next week.

Shoey said...

Erm, make that a sweary (Jobs - get off my phone).

Sweaty songs are next week.