Sunday, November 8, 2009

Robert JohnsonBACKSPACE BACKSPACE Other People: King of the Delta Blues

The King of the Delta Blues Singers compilation didn’t come out until 23 years after Robert Johnson’s untimely death, but was such a force in the burgeoning folk movement of the early sixties that it quickly brought his music to the masses, inspiring young singers like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Rolling Stone called it the 27th greatest album of all time.

'Ray' over at the Cover Me blog decided to honour the record by gathering the best available cover of each song on the album. Get the column and song links here


tincanman said...

(try not to notice where I stole the opening paragraph from)

CaroleBristol said...

A great collection (the original, I mean).

I've owned it on vinyl as well as CD.