Sunday, November 22, 2009

you'll act funny when your old

this is just great:
Black Sweatshirt

I did know the same girl in the comic shop.. yep she got it a lot:
DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake

(Ms.Williams has been posted before but it is a class version.. seventeen is different to shoeys)
a mini count up to coming of age:
17 & Over!

my song:
Born In The 70s

closest ninja tune I could find - bet nilf has a better idea:
The Ageing Young Rebel (Gentle Cruety)

just what else is it about?:
Life & Other Sex Tragedies


nilpferd said...

Nice synchronicity there, I put up Ageing young rebel on RR about two hours ago... I suppose Bend over, by Wagon Christ could fit.. True Confessions, by RJD2 or the sensual woman, perhaps? Ninja Tunes doesn't really do gently easing kids into adulthood, does it..

Shoey said...

Oi, did you Nick my Calvin Party? Great, great song.

TracyK said...

Bloody hell, that Calvin Party track took me back to 1996? 97? Prime Peel era anyway. Wow.

TracyK said...

And that second track, who sings it? Jon put it on a mix comp on my MP3 player but mine doesn't show artists and now it's driving me insane!

saneshane said...

shoey.. was that yours - yep
it does deserve a run out, doesn't it?

Tracy - 'DC comics' is Art Brut.
The comic shop is a little place between Bournemouth and Poole on the south coast...
The album 'Art brut vs Satan' was recorded with Frank Black Francis producing.. and the playing live on their home coming gig (Mr.Kips - Pokesdown) was tight as a mouses ear.
Eddie used to serve my pints (were he wrote 'moving to LA')

saneshane said...

1 Sage Francis
2 Art Brut
3 Kathryn Williams
4 Hanne Hukkelberg
5 The Indelicates
6 Marina & The Diamonds
7 The Clint Boon Experience
8 Ed Harcourt
9 DJ Food Feat. Ken Nordine
10 Calvin Party or 'Shoeys Calvin Party' as they will be known from now on.

saneshane said...

nope ninja tunes doesn't really do easing in.. but felt the ageing young rebel needed a spin..

True Confessions is ace..

and re-listening to The Sensual Woman on a Monday morning is interesting!

nilpferd said...

Good way to start the week.. I just remembered the Redd Foxx sample on Coldcrushkuts, the DJ Food mix, where he explains what "funky" used to mean, and how he once encountered some funky washing in a woman's closet while playing hide and seek.. I'll box it at lunchtime..

saneshane said...

another great track nilpf.. I do have disc 1 of Coldcrushkuts.. but even that has disappeared.. oh found it.
(don't know what has happened to disc 2 tho - it'll turn up one day)

Shoey said...

Shane, we can share the party - stolen plenty from you over the last, however long it is. There is more mellow strings version of sex tragedies. A little bummed that the Goats cancelled for tonight - Jd is sick. Any chance of some art for the Festive 'Spill & some Shane picks, of course - you must be down to under 20 by now?

Blimpy said...

listening - but what does the comic shop girl "get"?? Free comics?

saneshane said...

she used to get really bored by teenage boys analyzing comic strips - what do ya think?

Blimpy said...

I'm thinking "is that Ken Nodine, or is it THE SHAT!!???"

saneshane said...

shame 'bout the goats shoey - can sympathize tho.. had a cold for a week then cracked my back yesterday.. so if the comments start going crazy it's the opiates kicking in.. nearly blacked out from the pain..

remind me (thursday) if I forget to do a bit of art for you.
as for songs - I'm having trouble focusing.. I'll get there.. where did I get.. oh yeah B's .. brakes, bike for 3.... wont be long!!!!

steenbeck said...

I liked Art Brut, Ed Harcourt, and DJ Food the best. But the whole list was good. And the picture, too, of course!

TracyK said...

And ta for the Clint Boon Shane, one day I'll make it to one of Mrs Boon's legendary tea parties: gutted I missed the one Maximo Park played at.

Makinavaja said...

Shane. Thanks. Unlike many others I am not familiar with most of what you post - you're educating me! Loved Art Brut and (Shoey's) Calvin party. Thanks again.

saneshane said...

I like the FAC51 cup cake
somewhere on this page:

glad you are enjoying - i do believe it was the idea of RR and here to take our ears to new and interesting places - so pleased to be helpful.

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