Monday, November 9, 2009

I should be so lucky ... (apart from the Lambrini!)

Take two daughters to one Church Fête, put in five pound coins to each right hand, point at the tombolas, and watch them simmer for around 90 minutes. The result?


Add to that the three 2010 church diaries; a large pitstop full of cakes, biscuits, soup&rolls and drinks; and as of ten minutes ago, ANOTHER carrierbag-full of prizes hand-delivered to DarceysSis for winning the Tie'N'Scarf quiz, and I think you can safely say we did OK for total outlay of under fifteen quid!!

So who wants to let my girls pick their lottery numbers for next week? They won't charge you much ...

And here's a tune appropriate for the post, but also as an antidote to all the vim over on the mothership.

Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky Ones



saneshane said...


(nobody tell gordon he's getting a huge teddy for christmas)

love that tune.

tincanman said...

I'll have the biccies

steenbeck said...

what beautiful happy girls you have!!

and that's some impressive loot. DId you win Alcohol at a church fete? Nice!

AliMunday said...

How did they do it? I don't think I've ever won anything at the school fete!

DarceysDad said...

Hi Ali.

How do they do it? We-e-e-lll ...

Darcey just acts cute; if her pound doesn't win anything, she can normally look disappointed enough to scrounge an extra free ticket or two, and that's how we got the wine. The white cuddly horse was simply given to her by the old man who had just won it, and who saw the look on her face! She's shameless, but I swear we haven't taught her this behaviour!!

DarceysSis on the other hand has "form" for these sort of wins; if anyone in our family is going to win a prize in a raffle it's going to be her. Believe me, that Christmas teddy is nowhere near the biggest soft toy she's ever won. She is also the one who really throws herself into mini-competitions with gusto - she once won a colouring competition for anyone under 11 at the age of 5, as much by endearing herself to the WI by her 40 minute dedication to the task at the stall as for her actual colouring. On Saturday, many of the helpers were wearing name badges and coloured scarves/ties, and you had to spot and write down as many as possible: she was as relentless as a Scum reporter sniffing a sex scand ... ah, bad analogy, but possibly apposite if I think about it. Mmmm OK -

The other reason for the big prize haul may well be the need for the church to win back over the community here: the vicar for the last decade or so (the one who christened both girls) has just started a 14-year prison sentence for multiple and serious sex offences against young boys.

saneshane said...

DarceysSis to manage Liverpool then..?

DarceysDad said...

Having got to my first game of the season last night, I can certainly vouch for the fact we need a little good luck!

BloodyMindYourOwnBusiness said...

Eventually you're going to have to call your daughter's sister by her real name. Why not start here.

DarceysDad said...

WwoooOOOOHHH! Get her!!

Anyone who knows me knows her, OK?!

BloodyNominalism said...

sorry - still don't get it.
I've a son Daniel and a daughter Jessica, and a wife Mary.
It may embarrass them/make them proud whenever I mention them in my writing, but they get their individual names.
If they turn up in the course of events, they're likely to get a mention. I do things and I write about what I do, and sometimes they are there. They get mentioned. But they each have names.

DarceysDad said...

OK, if these BloodyPrefixedVariableNames is one RW of this parish, recently arrived from The Grauniad mothership, then surely you've seen just a little caution from almost all of us about the identities of our families, so what's the issue here?

If it isn't MonsieurParadise, then the words pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

Either way, you may be interested in this:

BloodyAtheist said...

nope, I still don't get what you're trying to say.
What are the 'cautions about our families' you refer to?

Me - I'm all for Glasnost. Transparency. You can have my bank account numbers if you want: there's precious little left. But there's quite enough of me online, and it's not wildly interesting.

We are all of us, my family, my life, in small ways or large, there online for all to see: past attempts, present efforts, future hopes.
And I'm frankly dispirited with the 'lack of forthcomingness' [there must be a german word for this, probably even longer] on this and most blogs.
What are ye all so fearfull of?

Unless it's your church. Then there evidently, it would be inadvisable to put too much faith.

steenbeck said...

Dsd-I wasn't going to say anything about this discussion, but as a parent, well, it's obvios isn't it? More power to you, my friend.

But what I was going to comment on was that I read back FP's thread that you posted and got all emotional. I love this @&&$""-/;in blog. Sniffle.

BloodyIrritating said...

"as a parent, it's obvious isn't it"

It's not obvious. I'm a parent, and whatever your previous reference was about, I'm simply asking why one child is called by her name, while the younger one is just Her sis.
I'd have thought it was basic good manners: you call people by their names. You accord them that civil dignity.
If not - then you are playing Family Games.

steenbeck said...

And, sorry... I really wasn't going to say anything about this, but if we're all about transparency here, why does your bloody name change so coyly every time you post something? I probably wouldn't have said anything if this was a recognizable regular, but I have no idea who all these peole are.

ReallyBloodyParadise said...

sorry - I thought by playing around with my posting-name I'd carry on Blimpy's style of posting, where he'd subtly [or not so] play around with his monikker.

So basically it's me writing all this. That's Richard Williams [no not that famous one - I live in a small village in France]. It's me getting irritated with second sisters not being given names.
It's me also feeling queasy about photos being posted on a music-blog about church-gettogethers. And not such a great church, either.

DarceysDad said...

Come on, BloodyInsertRandomFreeAssociationHere, get real. You wouldn't post your bank details online - you're not even posting from an account with that ever-changing moniker.
So your comments strike me not only as disingenuous and wilfully adversarial, but from someone who's attempting to build an argument on sandy foundations. (Apologies for the horribly mixed metaphor there, btw.)

If you read the linked column, you would realise that if I hadn't made a hurried choice of blogname way back when, then I wouldn't even be naming my younger daughter in public forums such as this.

I have been known in other circles as TFC (The Fat Controller). Had I used that name again when I registered at The Grauniad, then my family would no doubt have been referred to as MrsTFC, TFCJr1 & TFCJr2, or somesuch.

The point is that I choose to be online and discussing these issues; my family doesn't. A little decorum is the least they deserve, and in the public arena here, that is what they get. When I swap emails with the others you see here, then real names are naturally used between friends.

You still think you're right? Go ahead and post up those bank details ...

DsD said...

Sorry BP, you've posted whilst I was typing there.

DarceysDad said...

I stand by what I said, but a couple of points from your riposte:

The original thread here came to me when my iTunes shuffled in the Au Revior Simone track just as the lady with the extra bag of prizes turned up; seemed like a natural thing to post, given some of the offline conversations I've had with other 'Spillers recently.

As I'm sure you've seen - and in fact with some of your thoroughly enlightening threads, have taken spectacular advantage of - this isn't just music: The 'Spill was set up precisely to let us wander off the narrow music topics that RR is supposed to limit us to.

We are a very easy-going bunch, but silence speaks loudly here ... the threads that don't raise an interest don't raise a comment, simple as.

As for where the thread ended up going, we're having the debate at DsD Towers as to whether we get the girls re-christened; the thoughts of our ex-vicar are very much to the fore at the moment, and ... oh let's not go there again, eh?


BloodyPinkerton said...

you're not discussing the issues - you're clouding them.
My family have names, and they don't need decorum.
Most people, on this and other ordinary websites like this, seem to have an inordinatly exaggerated fear of the internet. That it will, like a jungle beast, jump out and bite them.
So your idea of revealing yourself is to say : I was The Fat Controller.

ExSanguinas said...


steenbeck said...

My older son ( Malcolm, aged 7) was teased by classmates today for not tagging somebody In a game because he had a cramp. Sounds silly, but it made him sad.

Why do people harrass others for something that doesn't matter? Why are you bothering one of the most open and generous people I've never met about something that really doesn't matter? I suggest you take allyour articulate wit and energy to some blog ( or actual place). Where people are doing actual harm and let it loose.

Honestly, of all the things people are doing all over the world that are hurtful, why are you carping about one small protective gesture. I just don't understand.

steenbeck said...

Sorry, I see you've paxed it all up. Feeling powerless about playground bullies and taking it out on friendly spillers. Sorry sorry.

Blimpy said...

The 'Spill doesn't really have rules, but there's meant to be an unspoken consensus that:

1. this isn't a music blog

2. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Blimpy said...

@DsD - the post you linked to has a comment from Mr DNA. I read it and was all "aww". Mr DNA!!!!

ejay said...

Jeez, nice haul!