Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another 'Spill series?

Since you all seemed to enjoy the cover version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun that I posted last weekend, I thought you might like this, too. The connection is that it cropped up on a film which the Little Miss Toffees were watching (17 Again) and, like Greg Laswell's masterpiece from last week, it stood out and demanded further investigation. It's called The Greatest and it's by Cat Power & The Memphis Rhythm Band and it goes a little bit like this ...

Find out more about Cat Power here.


ShariVari said...

It's one of the best songs from her last few albums, i think. I have a slight preference for 1998's Moon Pix LP though.

Cross-Bones Style is still magical.

Mark68 said...

Hi TB. I think you know you and I have a lot of common ground musically, and that I don't turn up here very often, so trust me when I say that you must get hold of Cat Power's The Greatest. It's a wonderful album.

p.s. I loved that version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

(Sorry if this appears more than once)

ToffeeBoy said...

@ ShariVari - thanks for the tip. I'll check that one out.

@ Mark68 - already done so - downloaded it just on the strength of that one track. I'm liking what I hear so far.