Monday, November 23, 2009

H2H#3 - A Red Light for the Greens/Bias Binding

A rather self-indulgent head to head this week, featuring two classic Leicester bands. Both Peel favorites, both as cutting edge as you please (at the time anyway) and both lyrically and sonically joyous. But which one does it best for you?

Deep Freeze Mice - A Red Light for the Greens

Yeah Yeah Noh - Bias Binding


sourpus said...

I'd find it hard to pick between two such fine lyrics:

A red light for the greens

" to be a better badger, bandages are your blanchmange. You're the one who made me eat my leg, you swine, you cheated! You're the one who made me keep my head while you got overheated'

Bias Binding

'You traded in your brain when you failed the eleven plus fifty plus years ago. Dont want a watch with two dozen functions to whistle my happy tune. Gonna put the west back into Country and Western; a video nasty, not soft porn. Cultural excesses aren't post-industrial; should look good on your UCCA form.'

'They dont make em like that anymore', indeed.

YeahYeahShoey said...

Well, you know my vote:

"Plead insanity on all charges, but we're guilty on noise pollution."

ejaydee said...

I'm gonna go for Deep Freeze Mice.

sourpus said...

Yeah Yeah Noh have the edge tonight - just that little bit more of a punch packed.