Monday, November 16, 2009

Festive 'Spill Two - The Replay

5 weeks to go to Krimble (sorry), so it's about time to launch Festive 'Spill 2009. Continuing the tradition established by the late, great John Peel (Dandelion Radio do a fine job keeping the official thing going - but our version is just as good, if not better).

Here are the roolz:

- Each 'Spiller (or RR lurker) can nominate 3 songs.

- Songs should be new releases from 2009 (or late 2008 that missed inclusion late last year).

- If you really don't have any faves from '09, you can pick 3 tunes that you think would be appropriate (discovered this year on RR or the 'Spill, perhaps?).

- Email your 3 nominations in order #1 = most favoritest, #3 = least best, but still really good & needs to be heard) to

- Dropbox users: Your e-mail should contain URL links to actual mp3's (Your private folder in Dropbox). If you're on Dropbox, but don't know how to do this, e-mail when you're ready & I can create a folder for you to copy the tunes into. If not on the box, & want to be, ask Tin nicely. Don't use the RR folder as this will spoil the surprise.

- Not on Dropbox? Then you can e-mail actual mp3's - best to do this one at a time to avoid them getting trapped in mail size filters. If all else fails, just e-mail me a list of the tunes and will attempt to find them for you. Afraid that Podbean, Deezer or Spotify links won't work.

- Be sure to include your RR/'Spill/Dropbox name in the e-mail as it's not always obvious who's who, especially if you start using supposedly real names.

- Nominations are on a first come, first served basis. So vote early. If one of your picks is taken, I will e-mail you back so you can make another pick.

- Deadline & broadcast dates? Thoughts in the comments please along with any questions.

- This was a lot of fun last year. Please take part if you can.

- Phew.


Blimpy said...

Fab! Last years was top fun!

But now it's time for the wailing and hand-wringing as i get whittling!!

Blimpy said...


bethnoir said...

please could I have a relevant email address or is it the link to join? Thanks

Blimpy said...

phew, one down - 2 to go!!

Shoegazer said...

Beth, my e-mail is: If it's dropbox you want, send tincanman an e-mail for an invite. It may be in his blogger profile, if not, I'm sure he'll be along soon.

Abahachi said...

I've probably just missed the post - my short-term memory is completely shot at present - but has anyone agreed to organise this year's Spill Awards?

tincanman said...

Its for dropbox invites. Please include your RR/spill name.

Shoegazer said...

Not that I know of, Aba.

tincanman said...

Jeepers Shoey, already?

btw, you'd have more credibility on these things if you hadn't made such a basic typo.

Top thirty songs is 30, not 3.

OMG, like anyone could cut it down to 3. A HA HA HA HA HA
*slaps thigh
* laughs uproariously

bethnoir said...

@tincanman - thanks for the dropbox invite, I'm a bit scared of them, so I might just email shoegazer instead :-)
@shoegazer - thanks for the email address, I've just noticed that it's in your post, was it there before? It's always possible I missed it, if so, sorry!

I shall send mine soon, this is fun!

saneshane said...

I've narrowed down
a-l 487 tracks
m-z 336 tracks
others 47

for a repeated listen..

lucky I haven't purchased anything in the last 2 months!!! (except Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen collaboration and the real tuesday world ltd edition for my Ms. to give me at xmas

I could be some time (2 days 17hours 12mins and 30 seconds to be exact)

TatankaYotanka said...

If, on the other hand, I have one track to the power of three, will that create problems with the Large Festron Collider?

DarceysDad said...

You should have all mine now, Shoey.

Shoegazer said...

Have quite a few already, which is great.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shoey - I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason but why can't we vote for the same song as another 'Spiller? Isn't that how the original Festive 50 worked?

Shoey said...

The original festive 50 was a ranked chart compiled from thousands of votes. Our festive 'Spill is 3 playlists from about 15-30 participants. In the spirit of the original, but not quite the same.

There weren't many dupes last year but if your pick is taken, you can pick a replacement if you want. (Also encourages early voting, that makes it easier for me).

tincanman said...

1 X 1 X 1 is still 1

Blimpy said...

if there's doubles, it means less songs posted in the end, which would be a shame.

lambretinha said...

Are covers eligible?

tincanman said...

Last year I hadn't listened to that much current stuff and struggled.
This year I have listened to lots of current stuff - for which I blame RRers - and am struggling more.
Last year I did find 3, but two were actually 2007. This year I have a shortlist of 24. Down from 27 yesterday, so I am making progress.
Any exceptions to the 3 song rule? Any deadline extensions? I'll wash your car!
Perhaps I should just pick one genre and do 3 from that. Electric triangle and bongo bands maybe.

tincanman said...

Someone who knows how to do polls (looks north and whistles) should organize a top 10 albums of the year poll. Or top by genre. Be interesting to hear nominations with justifications as well as a vote. That way we could hear good stuff about less popular albums (yes, I have one in mind he he - will never top any lists and critics hated it, but I think it's terrific. I speak of course about XXXXXXXXX by YYYYYYYY and the MMMMMMMMM's)
(No results should show on poll count until the unveiling though)

Shoey said...

Covers are cool.

Makinavaja said...

Just sent mine in.

gremlinfc said...

1. Paper Lace - Billy Don't Be A Hero
2. Mud- Tiger Feet
3.Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love

ejaydee said...

I have two choices:
I can check out the titles, look at my stats, and decide from there;
or I can make a playlist of all the tunes I have from this year and torture myself...
When's the deadline again?