Thursday, December 10, 2009


Beastie Boys - Root Down Free Zone Mix.mp3
DJ Shadow - Organ Donor Extended Overhaul.mp3
Dub Narcotic Sound System - Shake A Puddin.mp3
El Guapo - Just Don't Know.mp3
Giorgio Moroder - Tears.mp3
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - Freedom.mp3
Gravediggaz - Twelve Jewelz.mp3
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Adventures In Failure.mp3
MC Vapour - Halloween.mp3
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music.mp3
Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause.mp3
Sam Cooke - Feel It (Don't Fight It).mp3

The alphabet is a DJ.


saneshane said...

is that a picture of the Chelsea team (Drogba far right) taking their goal celebration practice to it's logical conclusion?

I'm gonna enjoy this big time - smart scratching in the beasties if I remember correctly.

(back later when the lad settles)

Blimpy said...

does mc 900ft jesus live up to his name? is he the one that usually poses over rio?

Blimpy said...

anyways - i like his flow.

Blimpy said...

"The alphabet is a DJ" ... yeah, and the other 23.....

Blimpy said...

rolf doesn't get quoted in many hip hop tunes, does he?

DR said...


Oh yes, I think this is a better version than the one on the LP, but it's a close run thing.


First question nah, different fella but he does a rather good line in white trash funk, there was a video from this album but sadly not this one, but even without it you can almost picture the looks on people's faces. My favourite line is the one about returning his car...

It's kind of weird what happens to a "themed post" when do it alphabet computer file style...

Oh yeah, your quite right Mr Harris is not oft quoted in Hip Hop, in fact this might be the only example...
But you gotta love it.

Also, would be interested if anyone has a favourite line on the Grandmaster Flash tune, I can't seem to choose just one...