Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's A White Christmas !!!!!

I thought I'd better respond more fully to you all, as Christmas arrives. I was going to post a thread called "HE'S BEEN, HE'S BEEN!!" as I've just taken the picture of the presents under the tree, but having uploaded the pics from my camera, they're rubbish, so I'll have to go and re-take them before I go to bed. Instead, here's one of Darcey and her mates playing out on Christmas Eve, for no other good reason than (i) I was reminded of an old photo of the then-toddler Darcey by barbryn's post; and (ii) I'm quite pleased with the ones I took today. Jess, by the way, was just out of shot, building a snowman bigger than she is! Bless!!



ejaydee said...

He's been here too! A very merry Christmas to the DsD family!

sonofwebcore said...

Darcey looks beautiful.

DaddyPig said...

Lovely photo, her dad.

If you pop back, webcore, that was a great shout from you for Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes.

sonofwebcore said...

Thanks, DSD. How come I didn't think of it earlier?

The bigger girl in the pic has 'nurturer' written all over her. They all look lovely, and with different characters. You caught something in that shot.

sonofwebcore said...

Ooh, 'twas DADDYPIG. Sorry.

DarceysDad said...

@ sowc - I did, didn't I? Best snapshot my cameraphone has taken by a long way, I can tell you.

And you're spot on about Alice, too. There is something very, very special about that girl. I'm not fond of using words like "aura" - it sounds too easily dismissable as hippie bollocks; but in her case it fits * . I just hope that the wider world is lucky enough to be touched by it as she gets older. And woe betide anyone who has to deal with her dad if they get in the way, too!

* - I originally typed ' a glove.' But looking at how badly Isobel's fit her, I deleted it!!