Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good Yule

When I was a kid I had a picture book about Father Christmas, and there was one double spread with no writing, but just a picture of FC with his reindeer and sleigh flying across the sky in front of the Northern Lights. I wish I still had that book...

I've been SO busy what with this and that (you know how it is) that I've only just finished reading all the 'Spill comments - and as for the Festive howevermanyitis, I haven't even listened to one whole set yet, so I'll have to comment later.

Just heard that the Milton Keynes contingent (that's the one that includes my grandsons) WILL be setting out tonight - I had left it up to them, saying we could always have Christmas next week if they wanted, because of the weather. We used to do this in the past when I didn't have a car, so we could go on the train to my parents'. But it's not the same, you know.

Here are two of my favourite Christmas songs...and I hope everyone has a splendid Christmas!

Christmas In Paradise - Mary Gauthier
Merry Christmas From The Family - Robert Earl Keen


Makinavaja said...

Merry Christmas TFD - so glad the MK bunch are going to make it. We put a brave face on it (I should know I've missed many a Xmas with my parents since I came to Spain) but as you say it ain't the same - even if you meet up very soon afterwards. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your grandchildren. Maki

steenbeck said...

Merry CHristmas TFD! Glad your family can make it.