Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, here is the back garden in the snow. I feel sorry for the birds and other wildlife. It has been a trying week, with Mr Munday taken in to hospital and mini Munday sent home from school, poorly. But they're all home and feeling a bit better now and it's time to show my face at work, having been off since Tuesday. The only question now, is, how long will it take me to get to Leeds today? And will I actually get there in time to do any work before I have to try and get back again? And me chilblains are giving me gip ... here I am, waving goodbye:

Have a good day, people, and be safe, wherever you are.


Japanther said...

i'm loving all these snow pictures, it's making me feel all nostalgic for my non-existent childhood of snowball fights and sledging down the local golf course!

Makinavaja said...

It's snowing in Madrid for Christ's sake! I was hoping to take and post a pic of the snow-capped mountains I should be able to see from my living room window but it's too bloody foggy! Snow, fog, Madrid? Just as well I didn't come here for the weather!
Hope the family get better soon, Ali.

steenbeck said...

I hope everybody is feeling better, Ali. We had a feverish Malcolm and middle-of-the-night trip to the emergency room with a croupy Isaac kind of week, too. Everybody is better now, though. (We hope!)

Your garden is beautiful.

DarceysDad said...

Ali? ALI?


Omigod, she's frozen solid!!!!!

I would set out on a search party, but it takes me all my time to get out of Queensbury, let alone fight my way into Leeds.

All the best for Christmas, Mrs, Mr, and Master M.