Monday, December 21, 2009

Festive 'Spill , 2009


Gorillaz Vs Malcolm



Makinavaja said...

*Rubs hands with glee, puts headphones on and settles down for a good long listen*

Blimpy said...


Blimpy said...

@shane!! my god!! that's too awesome!!

i saw him play on friday and it was truly amazing - hymns for atheists - this song was aces.

i really dithered my 3rd place choice before settling on no cigarettes, really it could be any song of his.

Makinavaja said...

There is some seriously GOOD STUFF on here. We got ourselves a soundtrack for the Noveccento New Year's do, that's for sure. DsD who is that? (forgive my ignorance). Lovin' it!!!

Blimpy said...

@japanther - i'm finding your selection strangely xmassy - in kinda the same way i find that joy division song xmassy "atmosphere"

ToffeeBoy said...

@ fp - so it was you who stole my original number one choice!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shoey - I don't have time to listen to this batch tonight - hopefully tomorrow evening - but can I just say a huge THANK YOU to you for co-ordinating all this. A fantastic piece of work, flawlessly delivered.

Blimpy said...

donds for what toffee said - i've been lovin the festive spill, and the art too

Blimpy said...
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Blimpy said...


DarceysDad said...

Evening all.

Thanks, Maki. You've been listening to Soulsavers, fronted by Mark Lanegan.

Soulsavers started out as an electronica duo, but on the second album got ex-Screaming Trees / Twilight Singers / Isobel Campbell collaborist Lanegan in to add his lugubrious tones to some of their moody pieces. Me, Shane, and the legendary jasonaparkes are amongst several RRers who absolutely loved it. Third album Broken was released this year, and it rocks! Having toured the second album quite heavily, Soulsavers say they found they were having to use much more traditional gig forms of guitar/bass/drums along with their keyboards and programming to make it work live, and that is reflected in their approach to Broken. I loved It's Not How Far You Fall... but I bloody ADORE Broken. The song I picked is actually a cover of a THIRTY-FIVE YEAR OLD song, but you should ask barbryn about that, or look back to October Spill thread AOTW - No Other.

I don't have time to listen to these No.1 picks until after the big day on Friday, unfortunately, but may I say it is becoming one of my most anticipated Christmas presents.

Thanks in advance everyone.

AliMunday said...

Thank you Shoegazer, SaneShane and everyone who contributed ... some fantastic music. Happy listening to you all.

tincanman said...

Now in dropbox for evaluation - support your favorite artists!

If yours has incomplete or wrong info, please post here and I will correct.

The 'taged for ipod' version is meant for people who want to listen to them as a set without creating 100 new artists on their ipod. 'Album' is the nominator, so you can listen to each person's 3 in order. Track # is 1, 2, 3 or 4 so you can listen to just the #1s, just the #2s etc. It's how I wanted to have them for my ipod, so easy enough to share.

Japanther said...

Thanks again for this mammoth task Shoey, and of course to Shane for the ace artwork.

I had an amazing commute listening to these today. I liked pretty much everything, but extra special donds for Dsd's Soulsavers, incredible! Abahachi's tune, SKP's extra injection of rage and energy, Nilpferd's jazz tuneage, both Prefab Sprout tracks and ...and....some others I have to go back and check....oh, and it really is great to see Goneforeign's name back on the Spill.....

Japanther said...

@nilpferd - thanks for the Miles links before (i don't Last Fm, but I found the same tracks on Youtube) great stuff and surprisingly similar to Sun Araw...cheers!

FP said...

AGAIN!!! Liking em all AGAIN!!! Sorry Toffee - I'll share it with you of course. And your Sprout track elicited a jubliant "yessss!!" from me this morning in t'office. Thanks ever so much to Shoey for coordinating this as ably as ever and to Sane for the stellar artwork. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, holiday season, or whatever you like to call this end of year bash. Also very glad to see GF's name up there. Next year's a new beginning, eh? Love and peace to you all. Et bisous à Frenchy. FP

May1366 said...

A huge thank you to Shoey - I've still got all three lists to work through so can't shout favourites yet but I'll take the opportunity to wish each of you love, peace and good times this Christmas and through the NEw Year

Makinavaja said...

DsD - thanks for the info. My fave so far.

glasshalfempty said...

And incredibly, I think this track - Some Misunderstanding - was a free track one week on iTunes...

I've been in Cornwall on Santa Claus duties, but am having a whale of a time working thru' the list now. A superb selection. And the songs I've already heard or bought are mostly 'cos of the Spill.

So a huge Xmas hug to Shoey, and a Happy Christmas and a Musical New Year to all my Spill friends...

barbryn said...

@ElDerino - I would like to know why I haven't heard of Sunset Rubdown before, and, on this evidence, why Arcade Fire are considered the best band to come out of Montral recently. Superb.

Otherwise... so much great stuff so far. After Tin and GarethI's choices, I'll definitely be buying the Alela Diane album. And a reminder to get hold of the Withered Hand.

Overall though, it's been amazing and reassuring to discover how much great stuff has been released this year. Thanks to all of you, and big thanks to Shoey for pulling it all together.

DarceysDad said...

@ Maki and Japanther - once again, thank you very much, high praise indeed! Butbutbutbutbut . . . where were you in the Songs With Super Solos week on RR??? It was nominated in my first MFF comment, and here's my later justification:

I'll leave you with my Song Of The Year 2009 (so far) -
Soulsavers - Some Misunderstanding
Without wishing to cast aspersions, or belittle an achievement way beyond my abilities, the guitarist on this song is obviously not going to win any fluidity plaudits. But BY THE LORD HARRY, WHAT A SCORCHER! He just doesn't know when to stop! The break - sorry, middle eight - ends, and back comes Mr. Lanegan, but does that solo end? Does it hell! It just barrels on and on and on right to the end.

So, was I right, or was I right?


Thanks for 'Boxing the whole thing, tin/Shoey/whoever. I'll leave my PC on overnight so it can catch up, and then I might see if I can persuade my old mp3 player out of dusty retirement, and just load the whole 2009 Festive Spill.

DarceysDad said...

Aha!!! I just had to play some of the No.1s, starting with mine. SKP's is brilliantly frantic, and yes, I now understand Shiv's comment on the mothership. As it's your #1 of the year, Shiv, I now actually feel guilty for getting in before you with the nomination. I haven't felt this bad since nicking Our Kitten Sees Ghosts out of Mnemonic's handbag one week.

But I MUST STOP! IT'S TWO IN THE MORNING!!! I don't have time to listen to thirty brilliant songs tonight.

Honestly, people, you lot rock!! Can I do the drunken "besht maytsh" speech? Eh? Waitacottonpickinminute! Where's gordonimmel's? Ooh, if I'd spotted his absence earlier, he'd have got a serious telling-off when I called in for our mutual prezzie exchange on Tues afty. Although that maybe would have been a little churlish, standing there as I was with a HUGE plate of tessimmel's baked biscuits in my hand for Jess & Darce ... who I'm missing like crazy, and with the weather, may not get back from DarceysGran's now until Christmas Eve.


Anyhoo, I've rambled long enough for Barbryn's beautiful selection to play: who's that, then? Lovely.

NONONONONONONO ... go to bed, DsD.

DarceysDad said...

Do you think I had too much caffeine this evening at work???

Makinavaja said...

That explains it DsD. I wasn't around for the "supersolos" week.

barbryn said...

@DsD - it's Andrew Bird, though as with your selection I only recently discovered it's a cover (of a Handsome Family song) - 10 times more beautiful than the original though. It's on "Dark Was the Night", a 2CD Aids charity compilation put together by the Deisner brothers from The National. Pretty much a who's who of contemporary Americana. If you haven't written your list for Santa yet, I'd highly recommend it.

I've got a 2.5 hour car journey on my own today. Two festive 'spill CDs ready to burn... looking forward to it immensely.

steenbeck said...

I heard an Andrew Bird song on the radio the other day, and was going to ask if anybody here liked him. He sounded familiar, and it turned out our Maddy COsta had put an AB song on my birthday list. I listened to a bit of his stuff on spotify. very good.

Anonymous said...

Steenbeck. A friend sent me Andrew Bird's "Anonanimal" from "Noble Beast" way back in February and if I had a long-term memory that might have been first on my list.

Dark Was the Night was my fave VA CD of the year. I think I had two cuts from it as my fourth and fifth choices. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and My Brightest Diamond.

Thanks for all the great tunes. Good job I hadn't heard them all before as I would never have been able to choose three of my own.

Season's greetings to one and all.



bethnoir said...

Just been enjoying the iPod version, thanks very much for organising it, all who worked on it, brilliant idea and music!

bethnoir said...

Just been enjoying the iPod version, thanks very much for organising it, all who worked on it, brilliant idea and music!

ejaydee said...

Thanks FP, bisous a toi aussi, et Joyeux Noel.

Thanks for all this Shoey!

el derino said...

@barbryn - glad you like it. Can't understand why they're not better known, they seemed to get overlooked when all things Canadian were flvaour of the month a few years back (though Spencer Krug's other band Wolf Parade did get some attention). I saw them play at Stereo in Glasgow in September - they're even better live than on record.

Huge thanks to Shoey for sorting all this out - great job again.

glasshalfempty said...

@Steen - Andrew Bird is a weird and monstrous talent - Armchair Apocrypha is one of my top 10 albums of the noughties. And he whistles!

FP said...

Shoey, just for the sake of argument - could you post the titles for us? I don't have dropbox access and admit to being clinically addicted to Darce's number 3 which is truly wondrous. Pretty please? And thanks once again!! FP

DarceysDad said...

@ frogprincess - encore une fois, merci beaucoup!

My FeSp#3 was Kandi, by One eskimO (strange capitalisation artists' own, and deliberate). Apparently the singer has guested with Faithless, which makes sense. The song itself is disingenuously credited as an original, but is actually an updating of, and homage to, an old Candi Staton song.

Both are on youtube. Kandi itself has a wonderfully sweet animated video:

The Candi Staton version is He Called Me Baby:


Bonne Année!!

Shoey said...

Can e-mail it to you FP - but not until next year when I get home. If you want it sooner, I'm sure Tinny would be happy to sign you up for drop-box - it's fairly painless, or perhaps one of the elves will take care of it.