Sunday, December 6, 2009

vegetarian restaurant

these two songs (sorry about the gap.. I was editing it then it crashed the program.. pigs starts at 5 minutes 15) coffee has the mad cow meat line.. but the rant in the second half has to be heard.. guess Aesop don't like pigs.
coffee - pigs

we go past a sausage manufacturers on the way to our new house... but it looks like a funeral parlor.. it gives us a 'league of gentlemen' style shiver.

just in keeping with the theme here's butcher boy:
girls make me sick
this kiss will marry us


Blimpy said...

That's Aberfeldy's defining moment so far.

Aberfeldy (the place) is very beautiful by the way.

steenbeck said...

Shane, I've been thinking about this post all day...There's so much I want to listen to on the silly 'Spill.

I'm having a slightly overwhelming drowning-in-bills-chores-laundry-adult-responsibilities spell in my life at the moment.

steenbeck said...

I liked them all!! I'd like to hear more Butcher Boy. Nice melody, interesting instrumentation...

saneshane said...

I have two Aberfeldy albums, but that is definitely the standout track.

I'll sort some tracks in the new year.. slightly hectic here at the moment too.. did think you'd be interested in a listen so glad you found the time.

steenbeck said...

Shane, I found some Butcher BOy on spotify. I really like it! Thank you thank you.