Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, obviously this is not the time for this...

That is Not My Home. After Bruegel
Bones in the Grave
Idiots in the Rain
South PHiladelphia
Me and You Watson
When You've No Eyes
Dr. So and So
What Fun

I'm sorry, I'm just really taken with this album and I want somebody else to like it too.

Actually, I need to thank Lambretinha for alerting me to this album, cause I would not have know about it otherwise.


steenbeck said...

Ho Ho Ho

tincanman said...

It's never a wrong time for good music!
Might take me a bit to get to it though

ejaydee said...

Ah see, I felt it wasn't the time for new music too, so I put Blakroc in the box, for those who want to save it for later, this and Miles Davis' Big Fun make for perfect winter music. It got me through the last couple of days. But I will try to find some time for this.

steenbeck said...

Ah, I saw that in there. I'll DL it for later. I'm having trouble fitting everything onto my iPod.

Is everyone together for Christmas, EJay? New babies and sisters-in-law and everybody?

ejaydee said...

Yes, we're just waiting for my parents and little sister, the kids decorated the tree earlier today. Sister-in-law had to spend Christmas with her family this time. The turkey's swimming, oysters are ordered, all that's left is for Father Christmas and his elves to start wrapping presents.

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